Crazy Time vs. Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Live casino game shows are a relatively new addition to online gaming, and it seems to be more lively than any other game in the sector.

There are two games at the top of the market. In this article we will look at their similarities and differences and try to answer the question – which one is better?

Since the two games launched in late 2020, players have been embroiled in heated debate over whether Evolution’s Crazy Time or Platek’s Adventures Beyond Wonderland is a good online live casino game show. Both sides have their arguments which we will explain here.

But before we do, it must be said that Evolution is the inventor here, they created this kind of game when they launched Monopoly Live, and Crazy Time was the first of the two games we’re talking about here – it went live in June 2020. Playtech five months later Followed by a copycat solution.

Briefly match

Crazy Time and Adventure Beyond Wonderland are both entertainment games, or if you like live show games, using the wheel of fortune with 54 segments as their main mechanic. In both games, you can bet on the number segment and the bonus segment, and the game itself is managed by a human presenter.

If the segment you are betting on is a number, you will be paid accordingly. If this is a bonus round and you place a bet on it, the bonus round will be played. Number bets have payouts up to 10: 1 and bonus rounds are the real deal, as evidenced by the hard cap of a maximum of € 500,000 win in both games.

The difference in brief

The Wheels of Adventures Beyond Wonderland has 46 numbered segments, with Crazy Time having a low, 45. Crazy Time has four bonus rounds where Adventures has three, one extra one, Mystery Spin.

Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) for Crazy Time is between 94.41% and 96.08%, whereas its counterpart ranges from 96.58% to 96.82%, indicating that the Platek product has a lower house edge and could be a better game to play. In the long run. This is especially true for Pletek game bonus rounds with RTP between 96.58% and 96.67%, while Evolution game bonus rounds have RTP between 94.41% and 95.70%, relatively poor.

The game experience is very similar when it comes to payments. The bonus round payouts of the two games do not seem to be very different from each other, but there is a significant difference. Crazy Time seems a bit crazy or even more volatile than Adventures Beyond Wonderland, because you’ll find a much wider range between good wins and bad wins. When you get to the bonus round, the Platek game seems to be more consistent when it comes to paying.

Where can you win more?

It must be said, these two games should be played for fun, because the wins are unpredictable. These are live game shows that are here to entertain you and give you some chances to win big. That being said, one of these two games serves that purpose better than the other.

Although Adventures Beyond Wonderland is a game that has a lower house edge and more predictable wins, the problem here is that the wins aren’t too many. They are possible, but very rare. On the other hand, the volatile nature of Crazy Time increases the excitement because big wins are really possible, although you have to be lucky to get them. But there are opportunities – which make all the difference a gambler needs.

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