Chelsea Andrews: A Proud Leader in the B2B Influencer Marketing Service Space

People don’t like to be stupid. Nowadays everyone wants to choose smartly. Telling customers directly what is the best shopping for them — usually traditional advertising and marketing formats is no longer an effective strategy. With the availability of Internet-enabled smart devices, people can research the products or services they want to buy for themselves.

In such situations, more sophisticated marketing strategies are needed to target potential customers and influence them to choose your products. This is where influential marketing comes into play. Chelsea Andrews (co-founder) Impact marketing has dominated the space called its platform Techmod.

Through Techmod The agency helps Chelsea’s clients connect extensively with technology professionals through the Business-to-Business (B2B) Influencer and Brand Ambassador programs.

In addition, his company provides thought-provoking lead content production, channel growth and expansion, and event production. It works with Fortune 500 technology companies, using data-proven strategies to expand clients’ digital footprint, increase engagement, and increase exposure and impact.

In an interview with Insights Success, Chelsea shared with us insights into the agency’s journey as well as its services, helping to create sustainable marketing solutions for clients.

Below are excerpts from the interview:

Give us a brief overview of your journey as Chelsea, co-founder of TechMode.

Beverly Eve and I founded Techmod during the childhood of influential B2B marketing. When we first started our agency a few years ago, little was known about the B2B influencer approach in the tech realm, but we saw and ran with the opportunity to lead-driven marketing of mainstream thinking. B2B has been pleased to see effective marketing evolve and grow, and we are proud to be leaders in space.

Tell us more about your company, its vision and key aspects of marketing and advertising space.

At TechMode, we always say that we are in the business of building relationships. We facilitate relationships between brands and thought leaders. We support thoughtful leaders in building relationships with their community on behalf of the brand.

People are at the heart of what we do. The process and workflow that we have created over the years helps to establish a level of trust for all involved, which is the key to our success.

What are your company’s unique offers that are impacting your clients?

At TechMode, we offer custom thought lead-driven marketing campaigns exclusively for technology companies. What sets us apart is our ‘first man’ approach, our data-driven strategy and the workflow we’ve mastered over the years. We have a lot going on in our campaigns, but our approach is second to none, and we are very proud of the results we achieve for our clients.

What efforts did you make during the epidemic to sustain the operation and at the same time ensure the safety of your team?

Prior to COVID, we often sent influential and staff members to physical conferences to capture content and provide live event coverage. After the events closed, we moved to a virtual model, which was a non-stop transformation.

Since all marketing activities are 100% digitally driven, it has become more important for our clients to penetrate the growing crowd of online content than ever before, which is what our campaigns achieve.

What do you think about the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML in the marketing and advertising industry?

Effective marketing strategies target visitors to the right place at the right time. When AI and ML people are deployed to get them where they are, I think this is the best way. As a consumer, I appreciate it when I’m advertised for the things I’m currently looking for, and I hate it when it’s targeted or not applicable to me.

What are your perspectives on workplace inclusion and diversity practices?

Workplace inclusion and diversity are essential. It is not uncommon to notice a lack of cultural and gender diversity in the technology sector, but inclusion is indeed the path to a more just society and something that is important in the workplace of all sectors and industries.

As an established industry leader, what would be your advice to emerging entrepreneurs and those interested in venturing into the marketing and advertising industry?

My advice would be to think big. Think one step further. People may tell you that your vision is unimportant or will not work, but if your business idea is based on data and you know in your heart that you have ambition potential, go for it. Find mentors who can help guide you and make your dreams a reality.

How do you envision strengthening TechMode’s fortress in 2022 and beyond?

About the rise of TechMode in 2022 and beyond. We are working to make B2B effective marketing a key component in the marketing roadmap for all companies across the technology industry.

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