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Steam cleaning service

Steam cleaning is probably the most ideal way to clean a surface and can be used for furniture including couches, bedding, mats and sheds. The high temperature of the vapor disinfects your surfaces and guarantees that it will be disposed of while waiting for germs and microscopic organisms.

Steam cleaning is similarly more harmful to ecosystems than cleaning materials. Surfaces are new and clean without gambling for its fairness.

Cover cleaning service

Using specific steam cleaners and our experience inside the area, we can make you productive and mandatory cleaning so that your carpets are kept in a premium condition. Floor coverings that get more footfall will start to fade and look dilapidated quickly.

The steam generated by these machines is 110 ° C, which eliminates microorganisms and germs inside the carpet, while providing insignificant dampness which means your carpets will dry in 20 minutes, reducing business hassle. The rags are spotless, dry, extraordinary in appearance and have a fresh smell.

Upholstery Cleaning Service

Cleaning upholstery materials is famously difficult and without proper cleaning, clients may be hesitant to use it. Due to the condition of the upholstered furniture, soil and debris can be caught without any problem.

By steaming this upholstery, we can clean and disinfect your upholstery, prolong its lifespan and separate your cash with these lines.

Why choose GCC facility management to clean your steam, carpet and upholstery?

Each member of the GCC group is prepared for the most advanced industry guidelines through GCC’s in-house, British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) adjusted instructional classes. These include health and safety, proper use of COSHH, RAMS, NHS various furnishings, and natural preparation modules.

Stage five: Professional carpet cleaning process

  1. Spot removal. We offer a wide range of stain removal cleansers to target espresso, wine, aphrodisiacs, blood, pet urine and more.
  2. Pre-treat all covered areas using the selected cleanser depending on the ingredients and conditions.
  3. The boiling water drainage industry uses driving hardware to apply hot water to the covered areas by shampooing and cleaning the strands as well as removing any dirt and germs at the same time.
  4. Sanitizer and Scent Neutralizer – We find it important to have a new scented clean cover. With each of our medications we apply a scented deodorizer and sanitizer as part of the bundle.
  5. Stain insurance – it is vital to give your carpet a long life. This is why we remember stain protection for our cleaning, it gives your patches a lifetime and protects them from any future stains.

Advantages of professionals Cover cleaning

Efficient results that cannot be accomplished with homegrown floor covering hardware.

The presence of floor coverings, mats and upholstery – draws your time and cash apart.

Removes most stains.

See your carpet and leave new feelings.

Reasonable for most types of rugs, both general and engineer include them with strands.

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