Charo finds a health partner

“It’s really scary to think that someone you love so much in the days of Covid-19 isn’t good.”

Charo Santos-Concio has so far spoken of his epidemic experience. Last year, she faced one of the toughest challenges of her life as her husband, Caesar Rafael Consio, Jr., needed regular treatment due to existing health concerns.

“I went through a roller-coaster ride because we had to go to the hospital frequently for my husband’s condition,” she recalls. “You really feel anxious, worried and scared that you might get infected. However, it also strengthened my resolve to deal with these fears because my husband needed me. “

The four further shared that despite the pressure, it was important to accept the situation, stay calm and keep pace with the flow. “Life goes on. We all need to learn to adapt to the new normal. We can’t be paralyzed by our fears, “he says.It has to be faced. Let’s see eye to eye. We can’t lose

The experience also highlights the importance of protecting her and her family’s health. “Our health should never be compromised,” Charo reiterated. “We all have to live an active life and take care of ourselves. It is equally important to take care of our mental well-being as part of a healthy lifestyle. ”

And financial security is important. Charo acknowledges the importance of health care planning for being financially secure due to illness. “This is important to me In the sense of security. This is important to me No matter what happens to me, I will not be a burden to my loved ones, ”he says.

It was a lesson learned after the death of his father, where the proceeds from his insurance policy allow the family to cope financially after his death. This experience has taught him to be realistic and to embrace the values ​​of security and peace of mind that an insurance policy brings to the family. “You don’t want to leave your loved one With uncertainty about their future, ”Charo shares. “As we work hard for ourselves and our loved ones, we should also make good use of our money by investing in insurance, health care and mutual funds.”

Today, Charo looks forward to living a full life with her loved ones. And as he retires, he continues to carry on occasionally interesting projects. As Sun Life’s partner in health, she has been reassured that no matter what happens, she and her loved ones are financially protected from unexpected twists and turns in life. “Having a health partner can really help you live a brighter life,” she recalls.

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