Challenger launches AI-enabled platform EventsX to disrupt virtual event sector

EventsX, a new AI-enabled Challenger platform, launched today to shake up the online event industry and offer businesses a comprehensive virtual event service.

Founded by entrepreneur Shoaib Aslam, EventsX is designed to set a new standard for hybrid services, providing an all-inclusive, non-stop event experience for physical, online and hybrid events for users around the world. The feature-rich event platform offers one-stop spots for event managers, exhibitors and sponsors to monitor all aspects of an event with all features in one place.

Aslam highlighted the need for a high-level virtual event platform: “The Covid-19 epidemic is shifting seismically towards online events and now with the lifting of restrictions, businesses are crying out for a platform that can provide virtual, online and hybrid services.” Can provide exciting experiences for both individual and online participants. Our platform is built with the latest AI technology, providing users with a truly comprehensive service, including text summaries of conversations, booking systems and reward schemes for promotion.

“Currently event organizers have to work hard to perform tasks such as manually entering exhibitors and sponsorship information and receiving payments. Our platform can automate these processes, reduce the time spent managing small tasks, and improve the experience of organizers and participants.

Focused around artificial intelligence (AI), the platform provides unique capabilities to help organizers better understand how to enhance their events and provide the best possible experience possible. The platform also offers unique features such as conversational AI and text-to-speech, which allow conversions to be recorded and summarized to provide an overview of a specific word or conversation, as well as the overall event.

Aslam added: “We’ve seen a virtual platform that without all the capabilities, EventX has become a ে 7.8 billion company in less than two years, so we’re excited to see how far we can go. With more feature-rich and refined platforms that Solves more problems for. “

On top of the platform, EventXX is currently creating a metaverse for events, allowing event organizers to choose or create their own metavers and host a fully interactive immersive experience through 3D and virtual reality.

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