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Senators have refilled the SIM card registration bill

Several senators have re-filed the SIM card registration law, previously vetoed by former President Rodrigo R. Duterte over social media provisions, which he said A more thorough study is required.

Senator Mary Grace S., the initial initiator of the bill in the last Congress. Po-Lamangers reissued a bilingual copy of the bill before 19 p.m.M CongressOpen 25 June.

He said the bill needed to be passed into law to stop fraud using mobile phones and the Internet, which has affected millions of Filipinos.

In a statement on Wednesday, the senator said, “We should not turn our eyes to the unspeakable plight of millions of people who are further indebted and plunged into poverty as a result of this endless text scandal.”

The proposed measure requires SIM card registration before activating in the Philippines, where there are more than 120 million mobile subscribers. Social media users need to register their legal identity and phone number when creating a new account.

Ms Poe said she was open to discussing the provision of social media account registration with her colleagues in the new Congress, noting that it could be included in the bill or other legislation.

On the other hand, the supposed president of the Senate, Senator Juan Miguel F. Zubair, told reporters in a Viber message that the bill he introduced would be without social media provisions.

To veto the bill, Mr. DuterteIts spokesman then mentioned the possibility Dangerous state intrusion and surveillance threatens many constitutionally protected rights.Alyssa Nicole and. Tan

UK factories are ready for energy rationing this winter amid fears of Russia

As power rationing cards may be on this winter, British factory owners are facing restrictions on their power supply.

The Kremlin has already cut off supplies to multiple companies and countries across the continent, refusing to pay for gas in rubles, raising fears that Russia could strategically cut off gas to Europe.

The ruble was needed to retaliate against Western sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

National Grid has told energy companies that it could impose “unintentional” energy restrictions if other emergency measures such as payments to shut down machinery fail to reduce demand at a sustainable level, according to The Telegraph.

The FTSE 100 company, which operates Britain’s gas mains, has issued rationing warnings in consultation with power station owners, as it plans to navigate the coldest months of the year.

It will meet with major energy suppliers such as SSE, Exxon, Equinor and RWE next Thursday to discuss emergency payments to industry users.

“If demand needs to be reduced, it is currently expected to be unintentional through emergency procedures,” it warned in a document seen in the newspaper and issued ahead of Thursday’s meeting.

Nevertheless, it wants to hear from users and suppliers that any commercial terms will “stimulate participation.”

Power generators are part of the discussion, although the scheme is considered “more suitable” for large industrial users.

The UK’s largest gas and power users include manufacturers such as Tata Steel, British Glass, CF Fertilizers, Enos and Jaguar Land Rover – but it is not clear which company was part of the talks.

Lorie Campbell-Farley: Serve Up and Out For Buyers And Sellers – By

This story is about the process of successfully buying and selling your home. This will help you understand why teaming up with the right professionals gives you the best opportunity to buy your dream home or sell it with confidence that your financial goals have been met.

To help people find the perfect home, Lorie Campbell-Farley puts her unique skills into play to align with her client’s vision. As a REALTOR® / Real Estate Consultant for ViewPoint Realty Services, he has expanded the benefits of a leading Nova Scotia Real Estate Company to deliver the results his clients should expect and deserve.

A journey from sale to real estate

Laurie Campbell-Farley was born and raised in southern Ontario. She began her career as a supervisor at one of the top female retail companies in Western Canada for 12 years. Later, he worked with a public company for ten years with senior management, sales and marketing. She traveled to Nova Scotia in 2009, falling in love with the vast space, scenic views, indigenous lifestyle and wonderful community.

In 2010 Laurie began her career in real estate using the skills she had acquired in her previous role. He came up with a new method and new energy in business. He uses his knowledge to provide his clients with various services provided by You are listing your home, buying a new home, needing financing, or providing insurance, lorries.

Cherished effort

Lori is an ambassador in the valley and knows that those who have the opportunity to move and live here will enjoy beautiful farms, seaside houses, horse farms, lakefront homes and strange towns. He proudly served the military community in 14 Wing Greenwood. He loves to educate all his clients about the world’s highest tide of more than 40 feet along the scenic hiking trails, apple orchards, vineyards and The Bay of Fundy.

Lori has won numerous awards as an experienced advisor through 387 transactions, valued at 72.5 million sales as of December 2021. She represents clients from all walks of life at all price points. His exceptional work ethic, lively personality, professionalism, and passion for real estate become brighter from the moment you meet him and his background in sales and marketing gives quick results. And he’s not just an expert in the residential sector. He is an expert on horse farms and has represented clients buying and selling wineries, churches, processing plants … and much more.

Whatever it takes

He manages every aspect of the process, personally, walking through their respective properties, doing personal videos talking about home and property, personal assessments and comparisons. “All documentation is handled electronically, and cell phones, photography, the Internet, and computer skills are mastered to speed up the process,” Lori insisted. Today, electronic devices make it possible to buy a home without having to go to a home, neighborhood, community or even a province. “

Instead of relying on a personal assistant, Lori takes it upon herself to handle every detail of each client personally. This personal touch gives his clients the confidence to handle such necessary transactions remotely, accelerating his skills and tools to make this new, fast-selling process work. He keeps a mobile office available round the clock and wants to delete as much paper as possible, save and retrieve documents and send them quickly and efficiently. Speed ​​is an important element of a successful transaction.

Unprecedented response time

Laurie revealed that since the onset of the epidemic, residents of Canada’s largest urban center have been showing more interest in the east coast provinces, especially Nova Scotia. By comparison, the Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia is an excellent investment. It’s all about location, location, location and quality of life.

Crossroads of life

Lorie and the brokerage team provide real estate, mortgage and insurance services to home buyers and sellers across Nova Scotia. When you list your home with a ViewPoint agent, you get full service and maximum exposure! Its brokerage site has 500,000 users; Each property listed by a viewpoint agent will be highlighted on the map with a unique marker, which shows 5 times more than other active listings of other brokerages. Strong words are pronounced

For Lorie Campbell-Farley, her mission at Viewpoint is simple: to help real estate buyers make smart well-informed purchases or make sellers make the right decisions to list their properties সব all with the knowledge that their business is best represented.

Huge offer

Lori knows what the Annapolis Valley has to offer. Fundy Bay is known for the highest tides in the world, beautiful hiking trails, beaches, lakes and breathtaking coastal views. The Annapolis Valley has long been a preferred destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of other parts of Canada; Living here, one can feel a different outlook on life.

With a wide range of job opportunities and rich industries, Annapolis Valley offers a unique spin of life, including farmland, dairy farms, horse farms, vineyards, forestry, lobster fishing, golfing and more. The Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia Housing Market has become a hot spot for living, building a family, retiring and living the life you always deserve with the quality of life you deserve.

Marcos calls for unity, good governance is the key to economic programming

President Ferdinand “Bambang” R. Thousands of Marcos, Jr.’s supporters were not disturbed by the rain during a free concert held in Manila on the evening of June 30, the morning of his debut. – Philippine Star / Miguel de Guzman

By Kyle Aristophier T. AtienFor, Reporter

According to political analysts and economists, President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. needs to reform his campaign for good governance in order to prove the unity slogan and withdraw support for economic recovery.

This will allow Mr. Marcos to address long-term challenges with the help of a broader sector, they said.

“Reforming good governance in the first 100 days will be a good way for President Marcos to put meat on the platform of unity in his campaign,” said Francisco A. Magno, who studied political science and development at the University of De la Salle. .

He said in a messenger chat that “measures will be taken to improve citizen participation, public accountability, control of corruption, efficiency of government, regulatory quality and rule of law.”

Mr Magno said promoting transparency and accountability in government and participatory leadership would boost business confidence. “These will pave the way for economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.”

John Paolo R. Rivera, an economist at the Asian Institute of Management, says a good governance agenda that values ​​human rights is “good for the economy because everyone is given the opportunity to contribute to national productivity.”

“A good governance agenda that promotes participatory governance is important because it is about unity,” he said in a Viber message. “While the government can do this by asking a lot of people, the participation of citizens is vital to ensure success, policy stability and checks and balances.”

According to the UN Human Rights Commission, good governance and human rights are mutually reinforcing.

“Human rights values ​​and policies provide a set of values ​​to guide the work of government and other political and social actors,” it says in a website post. “Human rights policies inform the content of good governance efforts: they can inform the development of legal frameworks, policies, programs, budget allocations, and other measures.”

It says the rule of law and the provision of public services are the link between good governance and human rights.

Leonardo A. Lanzona, who teaches economics at the University of Atenio de Manila, says Mr Marcos should make sure he The campaign follows a promise he made during the campaign “in a way that does not violate the rule of law.”

“I think the priorities at the moment are of a short-term nature, to overcome this hump and how to do it in a way that won’t be harmful in the long run,” he said in a messenger chat.

“In other words, he must show that he is qualified for the position and not just a member of a dynasty who has won elections illegally.”

Meanwhile, Mr Lanzona said Mr Marcos should immediately announce his plan to recover from the epidemic and inform the public about his economic priorities within his first 100 days in office.

Mr Marcos has been the subject of much controversy during the campaign, including his family’s acquired wealth and his failure to file an income tax return in the 1980s.

He and his family are also being asked to settle their unpaid estate tax which lawyers say has caused more than P200 billion balloons due to interest.

Maria Ella L., Professor of Political Science, University of the Philippines. Atienza says it is important for both supporters and critics to continue pressuring her to “solve urgent problems” through specific programs, not maternity statements.

“He continues to speak in ordinary language,” he said in a Viber message.

On Sunday, the president’s communications office said it would only issue statements “where the public interest is involved.”

This comes after Malakanang journalists pressured the new administration to release a statement on July 2 at the presidential palace celebrating Mr Marcos’ mother’s birthday.

Former First Lady Emelda R. Marcos, 93, pleaded guilty in 2017 to seven counts He appealed the verdict to the Supreme Court of the Philippines and was released on bail

In a statement, a group of Martial Law prisoners called their ancestor, the late dictator Ferdinand E. During Marcos’s two decades in power, he has renewed his call for accountability of the mother and her children for ill-gotten gains.

Laban Sa Detension, a former prisoner of Aristotle (Selda), says the “sins” committed by Filipinos’ former first family should not be forgotten.

“They have been sucking the blood and sweat of Filipinos for decades to lead a decent life – from 1965 to the present,” he told Filipinos.

Credit card borrowing is reduced because customers feel the pressure

UK consumers stopped borrowing credit cards in May amid fears of a slowing economy due to rising interest rates and the crisis of living.

Monthly figures from the Bank of England show that consumer debt fell to a four-month low of £ 800 million in May, from £ 1.4 billion in April. Half of all loans, £ 400 million, were in the form of credit card loans, and the total amount for May was below the pre-epidemic average of £ 1 billion and below economists’ forecasts.

Nicholas Farr of Capital Economics said, “Further silent growth in unsecured loans in May implies a crisis of life and recent consumer confidence is prompting families to be a little more cautious.” “This adds to the reason consumers feel the cost is struggling and the economy will be very weak in the coming months. The weakness of total unsecured debt indicates that some families are now thinking twice before buying big ticket items.”

The Bank of England has been raising interest rates at its fastest pace since 1990 in the face of a 40-year high inflation in the face of a slowing economy. The bank rate rose 0.25 percentage points to 1 percent in May, the highest level since early 2009. According to the Office for National Statistics.

Mortgages and family loans jumped in May, suggesting that homeowners may aim to lock in lower rates as fiscal policy tightens in the coming months. Mortgage approvals rose to 66,200 in May from 66,100 in the previous month, reflecting still strong demand and rising prices in the housing sector. The total amount of mortgage debt was £ 7.4 billion, up from 2 4.2 billion in April and above the pre-epidemic average.

More than 90 percent of existing mortgage holders will not suffer the immediate effects of high interest rates because they are in fixed-rate borrowing schemes. Karim Haji, head of financial services at KPMG UK, said rising inflation would begin to bite housing demand later this year. “While strong demand for housing continues to drive up prices, rapid declines could be the main driver of the recession in the near term, as higher interest rates go to borrowers,” he said.

Samuel Tombs of Pantheon Macroeconomics said the economy is slowing down as household spending does not keep pace with rising living costs. “Families are still not drawing on their savings or borrowing enough to maintain their actual spending levels in the face of the huge push of their actual disposable income,” Tombs said.

The average interest rate on personal loans fell to 6.49 percent in May, below pre-epidemic levels recorded in February 2020. Credit card rates rose slightly from 18.08 percent in April to 18.38 percent, well below the 2020 level.

Haji said, “Lenders who provide unsecured loans need to be vigilant and they can provide any assistance, such as payment leave or large overdrafts and getting caught up in credit limits.

How to buy gold online

Due to the growing volatility of the stock market and political instability, more and more investors are turning to precious metals to diversify their investment portfolios. Gold, which has historically held its value during times of change in large stock markets, has been shown to be a successful inflation hedge.

Physical gold ownership is generally preferred for long-term investors rather than holding gold mining equity, gold receipts or gold ETFs. Thanks to the establishment of online gold traders it was not easy to buy high-quality physically precious metals and take them home or keep them in a safe vault. However, sometimes there are reports of counterfeit coins or gold being offered online, so you need to make sure you are buying from a reputable seller.

This guide will take you through buying gold online from dealers with a clear track record.

The best place to buy gold online

1. JM Bullion

Our vote for an online gold seller with the best services is JM Bullion, which offers its clients a user-friendly website, a fair price structure, promising customer service and investor-friendly features.

Since its inception in 2011, JM Bullion has expanded significantly, earning the title of “Fast-Growing Precious Metals Company” in the United States. This expansion is attributed to JM Bullion’s dedication to providing a wide range of products, honest pricing, dedicated customer support and easy ordering experience. This makes it worthy as our top pick for the best customer experience among online gold traders.

A JM Bullion advisor can help those who want to invest to start a precious metal IRA by forwarding their earned gold to the account of their choice and providing more information about the process.

The company is recognized by BBB and is considered the top U.S. supplier of precious metals investments.

2. Money Metal Exchange

This is the next best place to buy gold online. Through Money Metal Exchange, a nationwide bullion broker, clients can buy, sell and own investment-grade metals.

Cryptocurrencies such as cash or various payment methods, such as wire transfers, checks, credit / debit cards, digital fund transfers, and bitcoin, can be used by customers to make purchases.

3. Acres of gold

The company Acre, which manages Acre Gold, promotes itself as a brand that helps consumers find and acquire precious metals. The business believes that gold buying techniques are ancient and often confined to unreliable e-commerce sites or pan shops. In times of economic crisis, Acre, including offices in Santa Monica and Boise, Idaho, California, is a company that believes that real gold ownership can provide vital security and peace of mind.

This is our third choice best place to buy gold online.

How to buy gold from JM Bullion

The first time you submit the weight and information of your boolean, a quote is given. You guarantee the offer when you check out, which means you will be paid the agreed amount if it matches your product description. You will then receive email instructions on how to package and ship the products.

The transaction is finalized, and is paid for by your JM Boolean inventory staff once your boolean has been received and verified. Depending on where you live, the whole process takes a few days.

If you use automated buy-back services, you may discover that not everything has a fixed price; In this case, you must call or email a specialist. Everything else is the same as before. The only difference is that you need to contact the company representatives to know more about the cost.

Start with JM Bullion

If you personally decide not to store your precious metals, JM Bullion has partnered with the Transcontinental Depository Services (TDS) Vault to guarantee their safety.

TDS is located in Singapore, Zurich, Las Vegas and Toronto.

When you buy precious metals from JM Bullion, all you have to do is open an account with TDS, choose one of their four storage facilities and keep the metals safe there.

TDS offers two types of insurance. They are covered by vault insurance and a commercial “all-risk” insurance coverage for the metals in their hands.

Return Policy

JM Boolean provides a five-day return window, but they do not specify if there is a fee to repost.

Customers will not purchase any refunds less than $ 1,000 and will be liable for any market losses due to returns.

On the website, you can see a list of their buyback prices.

Payment options

JM Bullion supports a variety of payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • E-check
  • Wire transfer

They even allow purchases using the well-known cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Etherium. Customers will notice that different rates will apply to different payment options.

They offer discounts for bulk purchases for military members.

JM Bullion does not charge additional commissions or fees; Instead, they make money by adding a small spread to the market rate.

They offer free delivery for orders over $ 199. However, customers who wish to receive their bullion and other metals will be charged for their delivery. For small orders, they charge 7.99.

Their prices for gold and other precious metals, including market prices, are posted on the pages of various websites.

Smyrna, TN, the right place to move?

Smyrna is in Rutherford County, a town in Tennessee, about twenty minutes from Nashville. The city was originally an agricultural center with many large farms and tree plantations but since then it has been transformed into a top urban center that is famous for the great facilities it offers and is able to accommodate people of all levels.

Smyrna, TN is a family-friendly city with plenty of green space and has been voted one of the top ten ideal American cities to retire to U.S. news and world reporting. Here are the top four reasons you should consider living in Smyrna, Tennessee.

1. Security

Smyrna, Tennessee, is ideal for settling and retiring for you and your loved ones. The city ranks among Georgia’s top fifty safest cities.

According to local law enforcement agencies, Smyrna, TN is the number of daily crimes, 1.16 times lower than the Tennessee average. The rate of violence in Smyrna is 1.75 times lower than the Tennessee average and 1.01 times lower than the national average.

And when it comes to your property security, the property crime rate is 1.06 times lower than the Tennessee average. However, you must choose a qualified real estate agent to help you find a home in a safe neighborhood.

Overall, it’s 37% safer than other Tennessee cities and 27% safer than other cities across the United States.

Looking at these statistics, it is fair to say that Smyrna, TN is a safe place to go. Smyrna has 1 in 260 victims of violent crime and 1 in 43 victims of property crimes.

Remember, no place is 100% safe, so always take responsibility for your safety first.

2. Social benefits.

There are great free sites for camping and hiking. And there are state parks where you can picnic or relax on a beautiful sunny afternoon. If you are a social and outdoor person, Smirna has you covered.

The city is riddled with great restaurants that offer great food and bars and clubs in the city center, ensuring you don’t miss out on a great nightlife.

Smyrna is also great as a tourist destination because it has a variety of historical sites. Smyrna has plenty of places to hang out with your friends and family on the weekends.

Here are some of the best places you must visit when you make that trip to Smyrna.

  • Walden Pumpkin Farm
  • Sam Davis at home
  • Malko Theater
  • Lee Victory Recreation Park
  • Captain Jeff Kuss USMC Memorial
  • Smirna Public Library
  • Gregory Mill Park
  • Sharp Springs Park
  • Rock Springs Park
  • Salt barn
  • Game Galaxy Arcade
  • Sullivan’s Sports Bar
  • Skate center

3. Business opportunities

Are you looking to open a business or invest in real estate? Smyrna, look no further than TN. It is a prosperous urban center with a growing population of about 53,000 people according to the 2020 census. So you can be sure that your business will grow in no time. The city is a historic center for tourists from all over America and beyond who visit historical sites. Therefore, you can open a business targeting locals and tourists.

You can also join the Smyrna Business Association, a network of Smyrna business owners and a platform for promoting their business.

The benefits of being a member of the Smirna Business Association are:

  • One year exclusive business networking event and local business opportunity.
  • A member profile in the member directory of the SBA website
  • Discount tickets for the Business Networking Lunch Meeting on the first Thursday of every month.
  • You can promote your business in the community on SBA websites and publications.
  • Discounts and Deals for Members Only in the SBA Member Marketplace

4. Cultural diversity

If you want to live in a culturally diverse community, Smyrna is the ideal place to live. The depth of cultural diversity in Smyrna, Tennessee is incomparable.

The cultural values ​​of the city are influenced by the occupation of the five major ethnic groups. Whites make up 77 percent of the population, African-Americans 14 percent, Hispanics 9.31%, Asians 4.94%, and mixed-race people 2.36%.

The advantages of living in a multicultural society are:

  • More lifestyle options.
  • Free-spirited
  • Inspiration for creativity and innovation
  • Valuable language skills: You learn multiple languages, which improves your communication skills and opens up more opportunities.

4. Opportunities for education

Smyrna, Tennessee, provides an excellent platform for you or your kids to get a great education. There are thirty-four pre-schools, eleven primary schools, seven secondary schools, four high schools, fifteen government district schools and twenty-six private schools.

In most schools, the student-teacher ratio is 12: 1, with Smyrna’s primary scoring at forty-six percent of students at or above the level of proficiency in mathematics and 23 percent of scores above that level. It is also worth noting that the enrollment rate of minority students is 73 percent, and 44 percent of the student population are female students and 56 percent are male students.

Scientific and research institutes allow you to further your knowledge in various fields including the medical world. The Clinical Research Solutions Institute, for example, provides access to state-of-the-art clinical trials for major pharmaceutical companies, bringing the latest and most advanced therapies in a variety of indications.

There are also universities in Smyrna, TN, such as Fortis Institute, Motlow State Community College and Middle Tennessee State University. This ensures that your children have access to higher education, improving their employment prospects.

The latest thought

If you judge every aspect of life, it is safe to say that Smyrna, Tennessee is the ideal place to settle at any stage of your life. The city provides excellent facilities for people of different groups, so that you feel included and your needs and wants are satisfied.

GBP, CANVAS partner to promote reading literacy

GBP scholars are showing their received books written by Canvas The partnership is part of the nonprofit’s ‘One Million Books for One Million Filipino Children’ campaign.

The Global Business Power Corporation (GBP), in collaboration with the Center for Art, New Ventures and Sustainable Development (CANVAS), has distributed books to students from various public primary and high schools in Eloilo, Aklan, Cebu and Rizal. Following the successful business partnership of the two organizations at the height of the epidemic, a new effort was created because GBP and CANVAS share the same passion and commitment in educating young people, especially in remote areas. A total of 800 books on patriotism, art history and the fight against fake news and confusion, created by Canvas, have been distributed among GBP scholars in the mentioned places.

GBP President James T. “Now more than ever, as we continue the epidemic, we are seeing the value of education and providing young people with alternative ways of learning so that they can be productive at home,” said Azurin. Azurin 6 “Together with Canvas, we are equipping our supported GBP scholars from Eloilo, Aklan, Cebu and Rizal with educational materials that they can use to gain a new understanding of these timely and relevant topics and at the same time increase creativity within themselves,” Mr Azurin added. Has done.

GBP, a wholly owned subsidiary of MERALCO PowerGen (MGen), is a leading power generation company in Visayas and Mindanao with the goal of providing adequate, reliable and sustainable power. Canvas, on the other hand, is a non-profit organization that works with the creative community to promote children’s literacy, explore national identity, and deepen public perceptions of Philippine art, culture, and the environment.

Books were first given to scholars in Iloilo and Aklan for GBP grades 1 to 12. Organized with a brief program, book distribution was held at the GBP Institute for Energy for Eloilo and the Panay Power Corporation plant site for Aklan. Different sets of books have been provided for primary and higher secondary level students respectively. Meanwhile, at Cebu, books were handed out to students with provisions on the annual benefits they receive as company pundits to reduce exposure to the Kovid-19 virus.

As a complement to the company’s efforts to help GBP host Barangay in Rizal’s Baras, the books were donated to Pinug Primary School. A storytelling session was held before the turnover of educational materials to help children develop reading habits. GBP, its subsidiary PH Renewables, Inc. (PHRI) is ready to complete the construction of its 75 MWac solar plant at Baras in Rizal by the end of the year and start commercial activities.

As a member of the ONE MERALCO group, GBP is about strengthening the good life of Filipinos through meaningful partnerships and collaborations with other organizations that share the same vision of empowering communities and helping build our nation.

Spotlight is BusinessWorld’s sponsored division that allows advertisers to expand their brand and connect with Business World viewers by enabling them to publish their stories directly on the Business World web site. For more information, send an email to [email protected].

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There has been talk of reducing passenger charges at Heathrow Airport

Heathrow has been asked by the Civil Aviation Authority to reduce passenger charges for airlines every year until 2026.

The regulator said the reduction in charges would reflect recent returns in passenger numbers, but would still allow the airport to invest.

But Heathrow, who wanted the allegations raised, said the move would weaken the distribution of key improvements.

Charges are paid by the airlines, but can then be sent to passengers via airfare.

Fees go towards operating terminals, runways, luggage systems and security.

At the moment, the average charge per passenger at Heathrow is £ 30.19, and the CAA says it will drop to .3 26.31 by 2026. However, Heathrow wanted to raise it to £ 41.95

The CAA said the charge reduction “reflects the expected increase in passenger numbers as recovery from the epidemic continues and higher levels of price cap in 2022, which was done in 2021 to reflect the challenges from the epidemic at that time.”

In December 2021, Heathrow was allowed to increase passenger charges from 19.60 to £ 30.19.

CAA chief executive Richard Moriarty said the charge cut was “about doing the right thing for consumers”.

“We have listened very carefully to both Heathrow Airport and the airlines who have differing views with each other about future charge levels,” he said.

“Our independent and impartial analysis maintains an affordable balance for consumers, while allowing Heathrow to make the necessary investments for the future.”

However, Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye said the regulator “continues to underestimate what it takes to provide a good passenger service in terms of the level of investment and the necessary operating costs and the fair incentives needed to finance private investors”.

“Uncorrected, these elements of the CAA’s proposal will only result in passengers experiencing a worse experience at Heathrow as investment in services dries up,” he said.

Mr Moriarty told the BBC’s Today program that the recovery force could reduce money charges “as more passengers arrive”.

However, he said the cap would still allow Heathrow to invest £ 3.6 billion, including a new baggage system for Terminal 2.

Earlier this month, 5,000 passengers were affected by the cancellation of the Heathrow flight due to problems with the luggage system.

Mr Moriarty said the problem of leaving disabled passengers on the plane after other passengers had landed, highlighted by the BBC’s security correspondent Frank Gardner, meant the airport must “increase its play”.

“When it comes to disruption, everyone in aviation wants to avoid the scenes we’ve seen over the last few months,” he said.

“Everyone is working really hard to bring new people into the system with recruitment and we’ve put pressure on airlines to make their schedules available to passengers over the next few months.”

He said offers should exceed মূল্য 4 by 2026 from the price of a ticket to Heathrow. At the moment, the £ 30.19 charge makes up about 5% of New York’s typical rental costs from Heathrow.

Shy Weiss, chief executive of Virgin Atlantic, said the regulator “could and would go further to reduce the cap” from its proposals.

“As travel recovery continues, our combined focus should be on maintaining the best possible experience for customers with fair charges, especially in the face of customer life pressures and our global aspirations at risk.”

One of the plans put forward by the aviation regulator is its final proposal, with a final decision on arrears in the autumn.

Once the CAA has made a final decision on the charge, both the airport and the airline will have the option to appeal the decision to the competition regulator.

Here are 4 benefits of taking a direct debit to your business

Direct debits are often avoided by small and medium-sized businesses because they think it is too expensive and / or difficult to set up. While this may be true in the past, things have changed.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to set up a direct debit payment solution regardless of the size of your business or annual income. Also, the option is safe and brings lots of benefits for your business and your customers.

So if you still want to know about direct debit, here are some benefits you will notice as soon as you switch:

1. You can let customers split large payments into installments

Large invoices can put a serious financial strain on your customers ’budgets, causing some to avoid doing business with you. On the other hand, some customers may wait to raise more money to be able to buy your product / service.

None of these situations are good for your business and both reduce sales and create dissatisfied customers. To avoid this horrible situation, you can use direct debit to allow them to pay in installments. That way, customers get what they want and your business makes money at regular intervals.

However, be sure to do a little research on direct debit providers as not all of them can support split payments. Also, your location may affect the available features. In Australia, for example, you have access to a variety of direct debit solutions so you can make your own choices.

2. More flexibility for your business

Do you want to run your business from your garage? Nowadays, there is nothing to stop you!

Also, if you want to add direct debit to your payment options, you will be able to maintain a constant flow of cash flow. This will give you peace of mind and free up your time to work on your choices instead of chasing late paying customers.

After all, when your customers pay late, it also affects your own payments, which can affect your reputation as a business. When the ball is in your court (including direct debit), things are much easier.

3. More cost-effective

The fee per payment with direct debit is less than using card payment. With the card, you pay about 3% to 5% per transaction, but most direct debit payers will be around 1%. Also, the failure rate is much lower because the transaction is not mediated by a card.

It gives you the opportunity to save fees and use the money to attract more customers by offering discounts for people who use direct debit payments. As a result, you will have better cash flow, which translates into more opportunities, happier employees (who pay on time), and a better reputation for your business.

4. Improved security

The rate of cyber attacks on e-commerce stores and businesses around the world has skyrocketed in the last few years. Attackers search for all kinds of personal information, but credit card data and bank details are some of the most valuable.

Also, a data leak or a successful phishing / ransomware attack is likely to damage your business reputation in the long run. Fortunately, you can avoid all these dramas with direct debit.

Since the customer does not have to provide details of their card for each payment, and the transfer takes place between banks (no intermediaries), the level of security is higher.

In short

A direct debit solution is a great option for any business size because it provides peace of mind for all parties involved. As a business you have reliable cash flow and the customer does not have to worry about accidentally avoiding payments.

Also, the system is much more secure, more affordable and flexible than card payments.