British Airways staff say fly with us for a £ 1,000 golden handshake

British Airways is tackling staff shortages by offering a স্বাগ 1,000 “welcome bonus” to lure cabin crew from other airlines.

Carrier, part of the International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG), is advertising on its carrier website for Heathrow cabin crew who already have the current Heathrow or Stansted Airside ID and cabin crew certification.

The job description states: “As the current Airside ID holder, you can move faster through our pre-employment checks and start your training soon.” The locations on offer carry a base salary of £ 16,800, although flying and duty pay and a tax-free living allowance could raise it to £ 28,000, as well as employee travel benefits.

After all, the airline is offering a welcome bonus of £ 1,000 in two installments: £ 500 after the first three months and the remaining six months after being in charge. To avoid summer labor shortages, BA warns applicants that they may not be eligible for the bonus if their current employer notifies them to join before July.

The BA’s move, first reported by The Daily Telegraph, came as holidaymakers canceled hundreds of flights over Easter breaks due to a shortage of cove-related staff and faced airport security queues. The aviation sector was forced to lay off thousands of workers during the epidemic, which has kept the industry struggling to cope with demand recovery in recent weeks.

The Cabinet Office said yesterday that applicants for counter-terror checks required for an airside airport pass would be given priority by the UK Security Verification Agency to reduce staff pressure and reduce queues.

Johanz Lundgren, 55, chief executive of EasyJet, said yesterday that the budget airline was waiting for the government to clear about 100 new staff members to start work.

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