Biden says ‘enough!’ In gun violence, demand action from Congress


Declare “Enough, enough!” US President Joe Biden Called Thursday Congress Prohibit assault weapons, extend background checks and implement other Guns Control measures to deal with a string of massive shelling hit in the United States.

I’m talking From The White House in a speech broadcast live in primetime, Biden A country shocked by recent shootings at a school in Texas, a grocery store in New York and a medical building in Oklahoma has been asked how many more lives it will take to change. Guns American law.

“For God’s sake, how many more murders are we willing to accept?” Mr. Biden Ask.

Mr. Biden Uvalade described the Texas visit, where the school was shot. “I couldn’t help but think that a lot of other schools here in America, a lot of other everyday places have become killing fields, battlefields.”

The president, a Democrat, has called for a number of opposition measures by Republicans. CongressProhibit the sale of assault weapons and high-powered magazines, or, if that is not possible, raise the minimum age for purchase of those weapons to 21. From 18. He presses for the cancellation of the Liability Shield which protects Guns Manufacturers From Being sued for Violence Carrying them is done by people Gunss

“We cannot fail the American people again.” Mr. Biden He said Republicans in the U.S. Senate in particular are pushing for the bill to be approved Guns Control system to come for a vote.

Mr. Biden If said Congress Didn’t work, he believed the Americans would focus on the issue when voting in the midterm elections in November.

National Rifle Association Guns The lobby said in a statement that BidenIts proposals would violate the right to comply with the law Guns Owners say “this is not a real solution, this is not real leadership and this is not what America needs.”

The rate is higher in the United States Guns In recent weeks, 10 black residents in upper New York, 19 children and two teachers in Texas and two doctors, a receptionist and a patient in Oklahoma have died in mass shootings than in any other rich country.

Lawmakers are looking at extending background checks and passing “red flag” legislation that would allow law enforcement officials to adopt. GunsAway From People suffer From Mental illness. But any new system faces steep obstacles From Republicans, especially in the Senate, do not have enough support to move forward with measures to ban weapons of mass destruction.

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution protects the right of Americans to carry weapons. Mr. Biden He said the amendment was not “absolute” and added that the new measures he supported were not intended to deprive the people. Gunss

“After Columbine, after Sandy Hook, after Charleston, after Orlando, after Las Vegas, after Parkland, nothing was done.” Mr. Biden Said he has been compiling a list of mass shootings for more than two decades. “This time it can’t be true.”

Please From Sad grandmother

Guns There are security lawyers pushing Biden To take strong measures from his own to suppress Guns ViolenceBut the White House wants Congress Passing legislation that will have a lasting effect beyond any presidential decree. Read the full story

Mr. BidenThis evening’s speech was partly aimed at keeping the issue in the minds of the voters. The President has only given a few evening speeches From The White House during its tenure, including one about the 2021 Covid-19 epidemic and one about shooting in Texas last week.

More than 18,000 people died From Guns Violence In the United States so far in 2022 through murder and suicide, according to Guns Violence Archives, a non-profit research group.

Canada, Australia and Britain have all passed strictly Guns Laws in their country ban mass shootings and increase background checks after mass shootings. America has experienced genocide in schools, stores and workplaces and places of worship without any such legislation. Read the full story

Both Republicans and Democrats support a broad majority of American voters. Guns Control law, but Republican Congress And some moderate Democrats have blocked such legislation for years. Read the full story

In the share price Guns Manufacturers rose on Thursday. Trying to move forward Guns The control system raised the price of firearms shares after other masses because investors expected that Guns Purchases will increase before stricter regulations.

After the Texas shootings, Mr. Biden He called on the country to confront the powerful.Guns The lobby supports politicians who oppose such legislation.

The Senate is divided, with 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans split, and a bill known as Philipbuster must have 60 votes to pass, meaning any law would require rare bipartisan support.

“The only room in America where you can’t find more than 60% support for a universal background check on the US Senate floor,” said Christian Heine, Brady’s vice president of policy. Guns Violence Resistance group.

When Mr. Biden And Congress Seek compromise, the Supreme Court is set to decide a major case that could weaken the new law effort Guns Control measures when risking existing persons for legal assault. Read the full story

Mr. Biden He said he received a handwritten note From A grandmother who lost her granddaughter in Uvalade read: “Erase the invisible line that divides our nation. Bring a solution and fix what is broken and make necessary changes to prevent it From It’s happening again. “- Reuters

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