Bayan Muna wants an investigation into the unpaid Marcos estate tax

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Bayan Muna Party-List The late Philippine dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos has submitted a proposal to the House of Representatives to investigate the unpaid tax on the estate

“It’s been almost 25 years since the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) assessed the Marcos estate estate tax deficit in 1997, and it’s been more than two decades since the Supreme Court ruled in 1999 on the estate tax deficit,” they said. . “Nevertheless, no payment was made by Marcos’ heirs.”

BIR has confirmed that it sent a letter of demand to Marcos’ heirs in December to pay more than P200 billion in estate taxes due to interest and other penalties.

According to a copy of the resolution, “Worse, in the case of another Marcos presidency, this tax deficit may not be collected at all.” The late powerful man Ferdinand’s son “Bambang” R. Marcos Jr. is leading in opinion polls

Congressmen called on retired Supreme Court Justice Antonio T. Citing Carpio, who said the written claim to pay the estate tax deficit would have to be renewed every five years.

Mr Carpio noted that if Marcos Jr. won the May election, taxes would no longer be collected “for the loss and prejudice of the government”.

Congressmen say the multibillion-dollar estate tax could provide much-needed assistance and funding for social services in the event of a coronavirus outbreak.

Mr Marcos’s camp said the tax case was pending in court. Marcos’ lawyer and spokesman Victor D. Rodriguez insisted that Mr Marcos was not responsible for the estate tax.

In a statement, he said Manila Mayor Francisco “Isco” M. Domagoso must have an “enlightened reason” for Vice-President Maria Leoner’s “Leni” G. Robredo to step down as president.

Mr. Domagoso and associate presidential candidate Senator Panfilo M. Lexon and former national security adviser Norberto Gonzalez on Sunday accused the vice-president of negative campaigning because they had promised to continue their election campaign.

Mr. Marcos and Mrs. Robredo, who are leading in the polls, are three behind, who are in second place.

Political analysts have previously said that the three men focused too much on Mrs. Robredo instead of Mr. Marcos Jr.

Mr Marcos maintained his lead in a poll conducted last month by the president of Pulse Asia Research, Inc. 56% of Filipinos said they would vote for him, even if his rating dropped by 4 points. Still in second place was Miss Robredo, whose rating rose 9 points to 24%

Opposition groups called for a boycott of the by-elections in protest of the recent election victory of the opposition Cabatan Party.

In a statement, the group said it would receive the most opposition votes to take a stand against Ms Robredo Marcos. – Alyssa Nicole and. Tan And Kyle Aristophier T. Atienja

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