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Creating a compassionate workplace starts at the top. This Towards B. The episode was explained by Vidya Srinivasan, Procter & Gamble’s vice president of Manila Global Business Services and Global External Reporting. The commercial world Reporter Patricia B. How Mirasol multinational corporations embrace diversity and inclusion.


Sets the leadership tune.

It is leadership that determines how empathetic and compassionate a workplace is.

“Leadership sets the tone … the tone at the top will go a long way in pushing programs,” said Mrs Srinivasan.

To build an inclusive and supportive environment, P&G has an affinity network – which connects employees based on similar interests or diversity aspects – such as GABLE (which stands for gay, peer, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender employees).

Its “Share the Care” policy, meanwhile, allows new parents at least eight weeks’ full paid leave (compared to seven days of compulsory paternity leave in the Philippines).

These efforts would be difficult to implement without the support of P & G’s top brass.

Counselors pave the way for future leaders.

To get growth, employees should look for mentors like Mrs. Srinivasan did. There is no need for a formal structure of mentorship, he added.

“You can tap someone’s shoulder and ask, ‘Can you be my mentor?’ Informal networking also helps a lot. “

Measurable through empathy response.

To measure whether its programs and policies are working, P&G conducts annual surveys.

“Response … defines the action plan,” Srinivasan said.

These surveys helped PNDG “speak” to close the gender gap, which led to PNG being nominated for the 2021 UNWEP (United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles) Award for Gender Inclusive Workplace Category. The sex ratio of the organization is 53% female and 47% male. At senior management level, number 54% female, 46% male.

Career balance solutions need to be flexible.

The above-mentioned “share care” policy also allows for flexibility: a parent chooses how he or she will spend those eight weeks of parental leave – individually or separately – depending on their circumstances.

“[Flexibility] It empowers our staff to stay in the driver’s seat and drive balance in their lives, “said Mrs. Srinivasan.

Situational counseling sessions also acknowledge that each employee is unique.

To address traditional biases, include men in the conversation.

“You can’t make this journey with only half the people,” she said. Srinivasan To mark.

P&G was able to make friends with their male employees through the convenience of workshop sessions, which turned into conversations and, ultimately, action plans.

“There were a lot of a-ha moments, as everyone started to see with different eyes,” said Mrs. Srinivasan. “Recognition is the first step.”

Recorded remotely in March 2022. Earl R. Lagundino and Sam L. Produced by Marcelo.

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