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Henrik Anderson: Pioneer Smart Retail 2.0

Signage! An invention that appeared in commercial space in the early 20’sM From the beginning of the century billboard to the wall-mounted digital screen, the signage industry has always been searching for technology-mediated business solutions.

As businesses went digital, initiatives began using consumer products such as TVs, DVD players, VCRs as a means of digital signage in retail stores. However, there was a huge opportunity to develop retail specific solutions in the industry, pushing it Henrik Anderson To place Inner screen, Transforming retail stores with the digital revolution.

As a visionary leader and Dr. CEOHenrik is keen to map out the dreamy possibilities of digital signage solutions with a technocratic approach!

Let’s dive into Henrik Anderson’s inspirational journey.

The path to the screen

Prior to Instorscreen, Henrik had an impressive career at Cisco, where he was responsible for rebuilding the network infrastructure of several companies. He later joined SonyEricsson, which hired him to innovate, develop and manage their entire multimedia division. His work in this area became a huge success and inspired Henrik to design and build digital signage hardware solutions and the birth of the Instorscreen.

Talking about the future, Henrik said, “Instorescreen helps Lenovo OEM become a multibillion-dollar supplier of smart retail products and solutions. He focuses on creating smart solutions that facilitate high consumer engagement, With technological advancement.

Trailblazing digital signage hardware solution

At Instorescreen, Henrik focuses on targeted designing and manufacturing requirements for digital signage hardware solutions for individual customer needs. Henrik notes, “We specialize in custom branded solutions, take advantage of customer marketing investments and create unique solutions. During this time we have become the leading display solution provider for many big brands like Diageo, Marlboro, and Lego. These companies were thrilled with how Instorescreen could showcase their products and influence customer activity at the time of purchase through Motion Media. Sales lifts of 80 +% were common, and as a result, Instorscreen was expanded

As the company’s sales skyrocketed, Henrik brought Instorscreen headquarters to the U.S. market. It has helped the company grow by designing and creating the perfect hardware solution to existing shelf solutions, allowing customers to invest in existing shelf solutions with Smart Retail 2.0.

Installing technology, developing smart retail solutions

With a vision to transform Smart Retail 2.0, Henrik says, “InstoreScreen is developing optimized solutions called “smart retail” that focus on easy installation and system maintenance. Shelves that can see, hear and understand the world around them will make retail shopping fun again and we’re ready to set up now!

Smart Retail is a line of our uniquely shaped screens, with sensors and triggers that blend in and fit seamlessly with existing retail gondolas. These displays are designed and approved for retailers in partnership with fixtures manufacturers such as Loggia and leading retailers such as Whole Foods.Henrik explains.

At Instorescreen, Henrik uses technology to make digital signage solutions rich and affordable. He said, “inDAISY + is one of the key features to enable scalability of smart retail displays. This daisy chain technology reduces the number of computers and Wi-Fi endpoints required by reducing the number of similar operating system and content management software licenses. Minimizing computer and Wi-Fi endpoints improves system reliability, and limiting the number of software licenses required reduces system maintenance costs.

Henrik noted that the digital signage industry is changing rapidly, and that the application of data-centric approaches has become essential to enhance the consumer experience.

Adapt and change!

Henrik is locating Lenovo Edge computers at retail to enable smart retail displays, support digital shelf edge pricing, and provide processing power for advanced analysis at the shelf edge.

He mentions, “When shoppers can enjoy an experience that anticipates their needs and shows them new things to try and enjoy, people will happily return to the store. That’s why Instorescreen is developing analytics capabilities next year with our smart retail solutions

We asked Henrik, if given a chance, what he wanted to change in the digital signage industry, to which he replied, “We find that one of the most complex problems in bringing technology to retail shelves is the limited availability of electricity. Not only is there virtually zero energy applied to the main body of the isles, but there is no power conditioner. So, we’re focusing on this issue and plan to announce a new daisy chain soon using the latest USB-C protocols. The plan is to have a cable for video, data and power, and not hundreds of power supplies and all related electrical infrastructure to support them. “

He believes that Daisy Chain Solution will be a game-changer in smart retail scaling.

Inspire emerging entrepreneurs

Henrik believes that digital signage can reshape the retail industry, and that innovation knows no boundaries with technological prowess.

Henrik Marx, “This is an exciting time to be retail. New technologies are evolving very fast, so it is important to keep up with the trends, even driving them into the retail business. Watch trade shows, read art publications, and feel free to talk about emerging trends like cryptocurrency

Bingonan Grameen Bank has launched e-Money app

Cloud computing company Alibaba Cloud and local partner Unicloud Technology will host the e-Money digital app e-Pon from Binanganan Rural Bank (BRB).

BRB, the first rural bank in the Philippines to launch electronic money issuance activities, has also tapped the Alibaba Group to digitize its identity verification process and mobile payment operations.

“E-Money makes it possible for more people to engage in online financial transactions, especially in the new normal environment. By leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s IT infrastructure and innovative fintech products, we will be able to provide more bankless and underdeveloped Filipinos with convenient access to financial services, “said Alfonso Huang, President of E-15 from BRB, in a statement.

E-Pon can handle day-to-day banking needs – such as deposits and withdrawals – and serves as a mobile payment gateway for merchants, Mr. Huang said in an e-mail. It will also provide access to loans and investments and payment agreements with government agencies.

Designed by BRB, the app has an e-wallet; A platform for small and medium enterprises to display their shops and products; Financial services tools such as mortgage application and micro-funding functions; And financial investment tools such as project investing and crowdfunding. It is connected to interbank networks like Banknet.

Alan Guo, Country Manager, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, Philippines, said, “We look forward to providing cloud computing solutions to support more Philippine fintech companies to increase financial inclusion in the country, as well as bring a seamless and convenient digital experience for local customers.”

Other clients of Alibaba Cloud in the Philippines include e-wallet Zackash, livestreaming platform Kumu and Fintech Venture Studio UBX.

The e-Pon app will be available for download from mid-May. – Patricia B. Mirasol

P&O ferry owner DP lost its status as a partner in World Solant Freeport

The Dubai-based owner of P&O Ferry has lost its status as a formal partner in one of the government’s largest freeport projects, following widespread public outcry over the firing of 800 workers without notice last month.

Ministers have confirmed that DP World, the Emirates logistics giant behind P&O, no longer has a central role as a “partner” in Solant Freeport after the UK commercial director resigned from the scheme’s board last week.

This comes after a question at Lord’s from Green Party peer Natalie Bennett, who asked the government what plans were being made to withdraw a Freeport deal as a result of the dismissal.

Speaking on behalf of the government, Leveling Up Minister Stephen Greenhall responded on Wednesday night: “On March 28, 2022, DP resigned from the World Solvent Freeport Board and is no longer a partner in the Freeport Consortium.”

The government is under intense pressure to manage its employment rights and DP World’s role in UK infrastructure after P&O Ferry fired 800 crew members without consultation last month. The firm’s boss admitted to MPs that the company had violated the law by giving notice because “no union could accept our offer”.

It was reported last month that at least 50 million UK taxpayers are in line to benefit from tax support as part of a key role in DP World Solant and Thames Freeport, prompting Labor leader Carr Sturmer to question the government’s priorities in Parliament. .

Funding of m 25m per freeport, which is still subject to approval, is expected to be paid to a major local authority responsible for each of the 12 special tax and customs zones across the UK and is expected to be spent for the benefit of the entire freeport area.

DP World Hall is a part of Solant Freeport, the operator of the freight container terminal at Southampton Port. However, it is increasingly involved as a partner in the Thames scheme, where it owns and operates the London Gateway Port and Logistics Park, which was designated one of the government’s freeport tax sites last year.

Greenhall suggested to Lord’s that the company still has a role to play as a partner in the Thames project. “As investors in Thames Freeport, the government is working to determine if DP World or P&O ferrymasters are violating any of their requirements,” he told Bennett.

Last week, DP World’s UK Commercial Director, Art Hill Reese Lambers, among 11 members of the Solant Freeport Board, resigned from the Solant Freeport Board amid local pressure, including Portsmouth Council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson.

However, details of the company’s role as a partner were not immediately clear. Alan Whitehead, Southampton Test’s Labor MP, whose constituency includes Freeport, said it was appropriate that DP World no longer had a formal role in the steering body due to its track record of employment rights.

“It simply came to our notice then. I don’t think it’s just a director’s resignation, the Freeport Consortium has decided it and of course I support it, “he said.

DP World is still an integral part of Solant Freeport as Southampton Port operator, the second largest container terminal in the UK. Across a wide area, including most cities in Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, Solant Freeport is expected to create 32,000 jobs, adding £ 3.6bn to the UK economy through increased international trade.

“They are not going to run away from the port or anything else, they will continue to operate the container terminal. But Freeport developed without their lead involvement. Among other things, it is a good guarantee that Freeport’s terms are likely to be better respected, “said Whitehead.

The government added last week that DP World UK chief executive Ernest Schulz was no longer part of the government’s post-Brexit trade advisory group, which was set up to support global business opportunities.

SoFi Robo-Advisor – 5 Reasons It May Be Right For You

SoFi (Social Finance) is an excellent platform for beginners. There is no fee from low, very good returns and a number of benefits for its users. SoFi Robo-Investment is one of the many platforms that offer similar services, so why choose it? How does it compare to a few names with big names like WealthSimple, Betterment and M1 Finance? Find out.

What is SoFi Robo-Advisor?

SoFi is a hands-off and investment platform suitable for beginners or more inexperienced investors looking for low cost options. It gives you access to an excellent portfolio mix, career advisors and real-person financial advisors to guide you in the right direction. Low fees are also great for people who don’t have a lot of resources.

SoFi is absolutely new to the robo-investment scenario and does not have a long track record for measuring user performance. With competitors like Betterment and M1 Finance, why choose this newcomer?

Sofa Robo-Investment 5 Reasons For You

Access to financial advisors

SoFi Robo-Advisor lets you contact Certified Financial Planners (CFPs). All clients can enjoy unlimited access to human advisors – for free. Yes, there is no extra charge other than its competitors.

You can rely on neutral feedback and recommendations from CFPs because they are non-commissioned and do not charge a fee for the work they offer.

Users can communicate with financial advisors via phone calls or video chat at different times of the day. Availability builds trust between new users and investors.

Low cost

The low fee for SoFi Robo-investment is one of the primary reasons why it is so popular. 0 There is a minimum or account management fee. Clients can start investing with as little as 5! Some funds may still carry their own standard fees, but ETFs owned by SoFi do not.

Compared to other platforms, SoFi costs you a lot less. The miscellaneous fees associated with using the platform will not exceed 75. These costs include outgoing wire transfer (ACH free), IRA closing fees and paper statements.

Extensive investment portfolio choice

Clients have 10 standard portfolio options to choose from with differences in risk levels and investment goals. Resources available are:

  • Fixed Income ETF
  • Standard ETF
  • Non-proprietary ETFs

These ETFs include US stocks, Treasury bonds, high-yield bonds and international stocks.

Automatic balancing

One drawback of the SoFi Robo-Advisor is that it does not have the right to collect tax-loss, a feature that is very useful and has many competitors. However, it has automatic balancing.

The automatic balancing feature in SoFi rearranges your portfolio to ensure that there is no 5% discount from the target allocation.

Your investment risk and return will always be balanced to meet your goals.

High-rated desktop and mobile interface

Another feature that users are excited about is the interface and user-friendliness. IOS and Android apps are highly rated and easy to navigate, such as desktop sites. The learning curve isn’t too long, and you can’t spend too much time trying to figure out how to use features.

Everything is clearly labeled in the title, and if you have any questions, the FAQ section has all the answers. Sometimes mobile apps don’t have access to all the features offered by desktop sites, but with SoFi Robo-investment, you can do almost everything in the app.

If you have any questions, customer service is ready to help with extensive phone support. There’s also a chatbox that can give you some help when you’re off.

Advantages and disadvantages of SoFi Robo-Advisor

Of course, SoFi offers more than just the top 5 reasons why it is a good choice Some other considerations before deciding whether this is the right choice for your portfolio include:


  • Access to CFP for all clients at no extra cost
  • No management fees and minimum account
  • It only takes $ 5 to start investing
  • 10 portfolio options
  • Low investment cost ratio
  • ETFs from 13 asset classes
  • Automatic balancing
  • Accessible customer support options
  • Easy to use interface


  • No tax loss crop
  • Very few socially responsible alternatives
  • Quite a new platform

As you can see, the benefits outweigh the risks, but your decision cannot be summed up as a general advantage and disadvantage. For example, if your main focus is tax collection, no matter how many benefits SoFi offers, it won’t be for you because it doesn’t have that feature.

Final takeaway

SoFi is an excellent platform for Robo-Advisers for people with very low cost, helpful knowledge and guidance from career counselors and financial advisors at no extra cost and an experience for investing in a user-friendly platform. Click here to learn more about what SoFi Robo-Advisor can do for you

SoFi Comparison:

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Mimoun A. Assraoui: Addressing the immigration needs of investors and high-net-value

A playground for entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals and investors around the world, and therefore having multiple citizenship or residency options is essential. When Mimun a asraui He saw a growing demand among high-net-worth individuals and investors for second citizenship or residency in the Middle East and Africa, he founded. RIF Trust In Dubai, UAE.

Mimun is CEO Of RIF Trust And Group Vice-Chairman Of Latitude. With more than 90 employees worldwide through hard work and perseverance, RIF Trust has become one of the largest global investment immigration consultants in the Middle East and Africa. Businesses include Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Egypt, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, KSA, South Korea, UAE, UK, and USA.

Enabling greater freedom for travel and resource optimization

After 24 years working in various international banks, sovereign wealth funds and family offices across the Middle East and Africa, Mimun left the banking world in 2013 to establish the RIF Trust. To commend RIF Trust’s ongoing efforts to provide unparalleled service to clients, RIF Trust has partnered with Latitude Group, a leading citizenship and residential consultant. The partnership has contributed to the firm’s global ambition to provide outstanding services, smooth processes and transparency, and has helped high-net-worth individuals and investors gain greater freedom of travel and asset optimization.

The RIF Trust has already helped more than 2,000 clients and their families gain residency or citizenship through investments. The company aims to expand, grow and meet the needs of its clients by bringing them market-leading solutions and programs. RIF Trust’s residency programs can give investors visa-free travel, access to education and free healthcare.

Recognizing the key advantages of crypto-currencies

The RIF Trust has recognized the core benefits of cryptocurrency since the inception of its foundation. It is proud to be the first citizenship-by-investment company to accept Bitcoin payments in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Nowadays, its clients are interested in relocating to countries with a crypto-friendly policy, such as Portugal, which does not impose any taxes on cryptocurrency payments. The Portugal Golden Visa program offers investors the opportunity to live in exchange for an investment.

There is no tax on crypto profits

Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly popular source of resources for new clients of many RIF trusts. It is hoped that this trend will continue as more new crypto-millionaires are created through the adoption of this new currency. Many countries that offer citizenship through investment are also adopting more cryptocurrencies. Caribbean countries such as Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica and the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu all offer a modest tax system that applies zero tax on capital gains, including crypto profits. By becoming a citizen in one of these countries, RIF Trust clients are able to establish tax residencies and benefit from the liberal tax system offered by the country. This is especially appealing to crypto-investors who live in a country with strict “no crypto” restrictions.

Preventing financial market fluctuations

Mimun wants to work closely with the government to help control the crypto-economy and make it a new standard for regular people to pay for their daily groceries with crypto-currency. The global economy, as it were, has been hit hard by the crisis and recession, and current centralized banking ecosystems cannot withstand the sharp fluctuations in financial markets. Mimun would like to help find a solution.

The big players in the crypto-currency financial market are young mid-range investors who are looking forward to their future ownership, free movement and pushing their boundaries. The same segment makes up a large portion of RIF Trust’s client base in the investment migration industry. The RIF Trust gives investors the opportunity to gain freedom of global mobility.

Being interested in adapting to new market rules

The next big change in the banking industry will be the move towards simplification of banking services supported by Fintech Solutions. Banks can expand their cloud-based services in line with the growth of sustainable financing and asset tokenization. RIF Trust pioneers are keen to adapt to new market rules. The company hopes that HNWIs from the Middle East and Africa will continue to seek second citizenship and residency as their Plan B and diversify their investment portfolio through crypto wallets and NFTs.

Investment is becoming an international leader in the immigration industry

RIF Trust has achieved 99% approval rate for its clients’ applications. Within nearly ten years in the investment migration industry, it has been able to list all residences and citizenship by the investment program in its offers. The RIF Trust has recently been renamed the Regional Representative Office of the Investment Migration Council (IMC) in the Middle East. As a firm that strives to uphold the IMC’s code of ethics and lead by example, the prestigious appointment was an expected outcome and a cause for great celebration. RIF Trust has been classified as one of the fastest growing companies in the investment migration industry by various industry-specialized publications.

RIF Trust aims to become an international leader in the investment migration industry. With its current growth rate, Mimun thinks the company can achieve this status in a very short time. RIF Trust seeks to develop and win mandates in three market segments: B2C, B2B, and government consulting. Mimun said, “We want to surround ourselves with like-minded colleagues and partners who help us move our industry forward and bring innovative solutions to our esteemed clients.”

Being open to doing business around the world

Entrepreneurs look for new sources of investment and capital to sustain the growth of their enterprise. This may mean that they need to participate in international events and conferences or establish a business base internationally and that these activities require a high level of global mobility. With the current state of national borders, entrepreneurs need passports that give them more freedom to travel and do business around the world. Mimun advises entrepreneurs to make smart investments that will pave the way for their future and tells them that second citizenship is a major way to do it.

Download the 2022 RIF Trust Citizenship Guide here: https://pr.riftrust.com/hello-freedom

Teachers angry over ‘politics’ in school lessons

Screenshot via SHS.MODYUL.ONLINE

The education department was criticized by teachers on Friday for a learning module praising current Rodrigo and Duterte, including negative content about presidential candidate Maria Leone’s “Lenny” G. Robredo and fake approval of Britain’s Queen.

In an online module, students aged 17-18 need to identify spelling, grammar and content errors from a sample of news headlines, and statements that contain “unproven generalizations”, all involving Mrs. Robredo.

The module, which was created in 2020, began campaigning on social media on Thursday, just four weeks before the presidential election.

Mr Duterte is not running for re-election but has a bitter rivalry with Mrs Robredo, who has criticized his government’s epidemic response and the effectiveness of its bloody war on drugs.

The ACT Teachers’ Party, a congressional group representing teachers, has expressed outrage at the learning material and said teachers have fought hard against two years of epidemic restrictions on face-to-face education.

“Strict adherence to the modalities and safeguards in the module development will give them justice and ensure that the people’s tax actually goes for quality education instead of quality teaching materials and politics,” it said in a statement.

Education Secretary Leonor M. Briones said the module did not pass the standard review process and has since been withdrawn.

In a text message, he said authorities were also “making every effort to warn teachers against participating in party politics.”

Other exercises quote where students need to be tested for accuracy, reliability, and rationality, one of which, as reported by Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom about Mr Duterte, is “very fortunate to have Filipinos.”

Ms Robredo said on Friday that education authorities should not publish content that would “poison people’s minds.” – Reuters

It would cost the average earner পরিবর্ত 30k to convert to a student loan in England

According to a new analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, students seeking higher-income graduate jobs will save £ 20,000 in debt repayments if they delay entering university, while middle-income earners will have to pay another £ 30,000 for their lifetime.

The IFS analysis highlights how the change in government student loans in the UK, which will take effect next year, greatly increases the tendency for high-paid graduates to repay loans.

Students in courses such as medicine, economics and law, which can lead to lucrative careers, will benefit from borrowing in a new format from September 2023, because interest rates are lower.

Conversely, students who expect to go into a low-paying job should enroll in a graduate course this year to take advantage of a loan write-off that occurs after 30 years instead of 40 years and a higher starting income before repaying the loan, a change of government.

The IFS noted, “For the 2022 school holidays, this means that the incentive to take a gap year will most importantly depend on their expected future earnings.”

Ben Waltman, a senior research economist at IFS, says: “Student debt reform will reduce the cost of borrowing for taxpayers and higher earners, whereas low-income borrowers will pay much more.

“The exact amount is inevitably uncertain, but our best guess is that lower-middle-income earners from the 2023 entry cohort will face the maximum additional costs of about £ 30,000 in their lifetime.

“The ultimate impact of reform is highly uncertain, and the future will depend on economic development and government policy for many decades to come.”

According to the IFS model, graduates in the lower-middle lifetime income range will earn £ 33,000- £ 36,000 by the age of 30, in today’s sense. Top earners in the top 30% with earnings of £ 50,000 or more at age 30.

The IFS says the government’s changes – announced in a spring statement by Chancellor, Sage Sunak – have snatched away progressive elements of the system introduced in 2012, describing the policy as “moving away from a system that redistributes widely from top to bottom”. Graduation earnings “.

Larissa Kennedy, president of the National Union of Students, described the changes as “calculated cruelty” at a time when the cost of living was rising.

“Ministers are placing young people in unimaginable debt for the next 40 years of their lives. It’s nothing more than an attack on opportunity, “said Kennedy.

Under the existing system, interest rates on loans to high-income graduates are set by the Retail Price Index (RPI) plus 3%. However, the change means only the RPI rate will be used to set the interest rate.

“Under the new system, most will repay what they borrowed – not more or less. It pushes us away from something like graduation tax for which the term ‘student loan system’ is more appropriate, “the IFS said.

For most graduates, the 2012-era loan system involves repaying 9% of their earnings on top of the 30-year repayment threshold, regardless of their total debt. Under the change, with a 40-year repayment period, IFS expects more than 70% of graduates to repay their loans in full.

The IFS also draws attention to the slightest change, which changes the starting point of debt repayment.

Graduates currently pay over £ 27,295 on their earnings, raising the threshold each year in line with average income growth. After the change of government, the threshold will rise more slowly, based on the RPI rate – which IFS says will only cost middle-income graduates more than £ 10,000 to pay higher in their lifetime.

“It simply came to our notice then that there was no significant change in the content of the press announcing the reforms,” ​​the IFS said.

Economists say the changes “make England’s higher education funding system more internationally” by using lower public spending than other developed countries to support higher education.