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The gaming industry found its next Eureka moment when the world was enclosed in a four-walled chamber by an epidemic and the dark epidemic found a gaming experience like a silver line in the clouds. Since the COVID-19 lockdown hit the streets, the advertising channels have suffered huge losses, but the opposite of online gaming has been proven. Companies that increased their advertising spending on gaming during the epidemic benefited from the boom.

While the online gaming industry offers a huge potential for advertising, conventional in-game ads ridicule the very purpose of advertising to get people interested in products or services. Even if the ad attracts the attention of the players, it gets a negative impression due to the obstruction.

A modern platform that provides advertisers with a sophisticated advertising solution while minimizing disruption to a gamer’s gameplay –

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, the platform is managed under the successful leadership of its CEO. Itamar Benedi. The platform offers in-game advertising solutions for mobiles, PCs, consoles and roblocks. Crossing the path with Itamar, we gained a deeper understanding of the functionality of the Anju platform and how it rediscovered the way it presents ads in a game.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Please brief our audience about your company, its USP, and how it currently ranks as one of the top Martech companies.

Anzu is the world’s most advanced in-game advertising solution, introducing native, creative and dynamic advertising in video games and sports.

An emotion to challenge the stillness in the heart of figs. Before Anzu, in-game advertising was always thought of in terms of mobile, AAA was nothing for PC and console games. So, we set it to change. Our technology now allows advertisers to run programmatically on all of these platforms.

Anju is a company of firsts: the first in-game ad company to be Unity Verified; The first to bring in-game advertising to the Roblox platform; The first and only official in-game ad provider for Xbox. Our patented ad tracker, cross-platform offer, and first-to-market visibility with MOAT create an attractive proposition for both advertisers and game publishers.

Many of the world’s largest advertisers and game companies believe in and support our vision, and this has resulted in partnerships and investments from industry giants including WPP, Sony Innovation Fund and NBCUuniversal.

What are the key values ​​on which the company is built?

At Anju, we respect gamers by respecting gameplay. We work to benefit all parties-advertisers, developers and gamers involved by introducing mixed, dynamic ads in games.

Anju benefits brands who want to reach an exclusive audience in a brand-safe, measurable and measurable way. Anzu benefits game developers and game publishers who want to add new, sustainable revenue streams that preserve the gaming experience. Anju benefits gamers because it respects gameplay with mixed, non-intrusive ads.

Tell us more about your offer and what aspects set you apart in the cutthroat market.

Anju’s best-in-class SDK technology, tested by AAA gaming studios including Ubisoft and Saber Interactive, is the only offer available on the market across mobile, PC, console and Roblox. After thorough scrutiny by the team at Unity, Anju has become the first in-game advertising solution to become a Unity Verified Solution Partner (VSP) as well as the first licensed in-game advertising partner for Xbox.

Bringing mixed but spectacular IAB-compliant ad formats to the game, Anzu is the only solution of its kind to bring real-time analytics and existing digital industry standards into the game. With a complete suite of cross-platform Adtech integrations, Anju’s patented, adaptive technology includes first-to-market ad visibility, brand lift measurement, audience verification, data enrichment, and partnership with industry leaders to detect fraud, such as Moat. Comscore, and Nielsen.

Ultimately, our vision is to establish in-game advertising as a mainstream advertising segment. By building strategic partnerships with global advertising agencies, including WPP and NBCUuniversal, Anzu has opened up in-game advertising opportunities for brands around the world, including American Eagle, Samsung and PepsiCo.

As an experienced leader, share your thoughts on how modern technologies like AI and ML have impacted the Martek industry and how your organization has risen to the forefront of technology?

Deep technologies such as AI, machine learning and big data are all examples of modern technologies that require significant investment. However, despite this huge investment in technology, marketers often see very low prices in return – often a single-digit percentage increase.

That’s why Anju’s models and technology are so much more inviting to advertisers. Instead of investing significant resources in optimizing existing technology, we’ve taken our SDK technology and turned it into a brand new medium and advertising opportunity with much higher returns.

For developers, uninterrupted application in current games brings a double or even three-digit percentage increase in metrics such as brand awareness through in-game advertising, further influencing advertisers’ marketing efforts.

What would be your advice to emerging entrepreneurs who want to become entrepreneurs in the Martek industry?

The martech industry starts with how everything works, so I suggest first starting by asking why something works in a certain way, then gaining a broad idea of ​​how we can fix it and do it differently. This is especially important for Martek. We’ve spent many years in space, and we don’t see many entrepreneurs in the marketing space who don’t already have previous Martech or advertising experience, so it emphasizes the need for behind-the-scenes learning.

The second piece of my advice may sound contradictory. Advertising people are accustomed to working in a certain way, so in some cases, they are not open to working separately. Once you understand how things work and you’re sure you have a better way of doing things, Ignore One hundred executives who tell you it won’t work. Ignore any vulnerable critical voices that are not open to innovation, but only Later You can understand how things work.

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