Another group’s fault for Robredo as president

Vice President Lenny Robredos Campaign Rally Held in Pampanga April 9 – VP Lenny Robredo FB Page

On Tuesday, Vice-President Maria Leoner “Lenny” G. Robredo has the backing of another political group formed in 2021 to push the bid for the presidency of Manila City Mayor.

Former Metro Manila Development Authority chief Thomas “Team” M. Orbos said in a news briefing that Icao Muna (IM) had withdrawn support for the mayor of the Philippines, Manila, Francisco “Isco” M Domagoso, who he said was unlikely to win the May election.

Some members of the group said they wanted to encourage the vice-president to bid on the president and the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos’ family will use their resources to prevent him from returning to the presidency

The only son and name of the powerful man, Bambang, is ahead in most opinion polls. Ms. Robredo has raised his rating to a distant second though.

“The vice president is consistently in second place last month and continues to grow with the biggest increase shown in the latest survey,” Mr Orbos said. “He’s in the best position for us to win it now.”

He says he has no regrets about Mr Domagoso. “At a different time, in another place, he could have been a better leader. The future is open for him. “

“Let’s give it to whoever has the chance,” said Mr. Orbos, who coordinated the volunteer movement for the presidency of Mr. Domagoso.

He asked the other candidates to throw their support behind Mrs. Robredo in order to prevent another Marcos presidency.

IM Filipinas, renamed IM Lenny, was campaigning for Mr. Domagoso, a former matinee statue whose rag-to-rich story fascinated some Filipinos.

In a video posted on Facebook, the mayor said, “I wish them well.” “It sets men apart from boys.”

Prior to the press briefing, chapters from the Central and Southern Philippines group announced their support for Mrs. Robredo.

Meanwhile, One Cebu Party, an influential political party in the central Philippines, has backed Mr Marcos as president.

The party was led by Cebu Governor Guendolin F. Garcia’s family, whose brother Pablo has resigned as party secretary-general to continue supporting Mr Domagoso.

“I respect One Cebu and its decision, just as I hope the party I helped find, and only have deep affection, will respect my choice and direction,” Mr Garcia said in a statement.

Over the weekend, a key official in Mr Domagoso’s political party, the Axion Democrats, stepped down to support Mrs Robredo for the presidency.

Mrs Robredo’s office welcomed IM’s approval, saying it hoped more groups would support her candidacy.

“We believe that in the remaining 27 days, more people will join the people’s campaign, uniting their dreams and hopes for a better Philippines,” said Iberra M. Guterres III said in a statement:

Mrs Robredo visited the province of La Union on Tuesday, where she lost the 2016 vice-presidential election to Mr Marcos by 318,000 votes.

La Union is considered part of the Northern Philippine regional bloc known for supporting the family of the late dictator.

On Saturday, he drew more than 200,000 supporters to a rally in the northern Philippine province of Pampanga – the largest crowd of his presidential campaign so far.

The opposition candidate urged his supporters in the province – former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Bellewick, who backed Marcos Jr. – to take the initiative in their homes to persuade more indecisive voters to vote for him.

Mr Marcos maintained his lead in a poll conducted by Pulse Asia Research, Inc. last month, with 56% of Filipinos voting for him. His rating dropped 4 percentage points.

Still in second place was Mr Robredo, whose rating rose nine points to 24%

Pulse Asia conducted the survey March 17-21, after the first official presidential debate that Mr Marcos failed to attend. – Kyle Aristophier T. Atienja

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