Amazon Satellite races up the Internet business with SpaceX

E-commerce giant – Amazon plans to deliver Internet from space using 3,236 satellites in low Earth orbit – Project Kuiper.

The company has signed a multibillion-dollar deal – the largest deal in the history of the commercial aerospace industry – with three different companies to launch its Kuiper satellites: Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, United Launch Alliance and Europe’s Arianspace.

“In many ways, it’s a reaction and a competition with Elon Musk and SpaceX’s Starlink network.” News correspondent Michael Schitz says. Starlink already has about 2,000 satellites in orbit.

Amazon has yet to launch a satellite, but it could be a big player in the game.

“The satellite communications market is one that is worth billions of dollars. No one in this industry believes that it is a one-system-tech-all kind of environment. We hope that at least two and possibly more constellations will emerge, serving not just residential consumers, but any type of business or organization that relies on Internet connections, “said Caleb Henry, a senior analyst at Quilty Analytics.

“Amazon is known as the company of everything, and it’s hard to be the company of everything without the internet. “Amazon’s fastest growing segment is its AWS cloud service. And in support of that, they’ve built a lot of Internet infrastructure, whether it’s data centers or fiber. “ Henry says.

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