Alliance Towers will begin building towers for the Globe this year

Common Tower provider Alliance Towers Corporation says it will begin installing towers for Globe Telecom, Inc. this year as part of its ambition to build 500 towers a year for the country’s wireless telecommunications operators.

The company recently signed an agreement with the Globe, led by Alvin D., president and chief operating officer of Alliance Tower. Talentino said during a briefing on April 8.

He said the Globe had given “award sites in Visayas and Mindanao”.

The company wants to build 500 towers a year, but in the current epidemic situation, it believes it can build about 200 towers this year for DITO Telecommunications Corporation, Smart Communications, Inc. and Globe.

According to Sherwin G. Hing, chairman and CEO of Independent Tower Company, Alliance Towers has built more than 40 towers for DITO and Smart at the height of the epidemic.

He said 80% of the company’s portfolio is from Globe.

As for capital spending, he said: “We’re seeing P40 billion in the next 10 years, or about P4 billion a year.”

Mr Talentino cited a number of factors as driving the demand for towers in the country, including increasing data usage with more powerful applications and greater penetration of smartphones, rollout of fifth-generation (5G) technology, cost savings from tower sharing, and 4G expansion.

He added that the government aims to build 50,000 new towers in the next seven to 10 years to meet the current power deficit.

“The recent epidemic has necessitated a rapid and reliable Internet connection to enable the country to adapt to the digital transformation and the new digital landscape,” said Mr Talentino.

“Unfortunately, there is a wide gap between the number of customers in the Philippines and the number of cell sites that Filipinos claim to provide bandwidth and connectivity.”

For his part, Mr. Hing said: “We acknowledge our role in the success of the country’s digital transformation and progress. That’s why we’ve selected a management team with a proven track record in the technology and telecommunications industry to lead our programs and initiatives in building digital infrastructure. “

“Also, we make sure that our experts are equipped with the right detailed information and knowledge to build our towers, and we also set the standard parameters to ensure that our sites, services and operations are top-notch,” he added. – RJ L Balinbin

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