Agricultural activities are exempted from the election expenditure ban


The Election Commission (EC) announced on Thursday that it had exempted a number of agriculture-related programs from spending on government projects.

The Commission, after evaluating the submission of the applicant, hereby approves the said projects, programs and activities, subject to the submission of funds disbursed during the 45-day prohibition, which will be in proportion to the amount required for the cover period in the annual budget,Kamlek said in one resolution.

Philippine law requires that state spending be restricted during elections. It will be effective from March 25 to May 8 this year for national and local elections.

Department of Agriculture (DA), Secretary William D. Through DAR, March 23 requested that it be given a certificate of exception for disclosure of funds for the following programs: financial assistance to rice farmers; Fuel discounts for farmers and fishermen; Funds to increase rice competitiveness; National Paddy Program; Distribution of seeds, fertilizers, machinery and equipment; National Maize Program; And special areas for agricultural development programs.

Comelec instructed the Department of Agriculture to put in place security measures to ensure that cash assistance for these programs is not used for electioneering.

In a separate resolution, Kamlek granted the application of a joint venture of the Philippine Rice Research Institute, DA.

On March 15, Philris requested that the following activities be exempted from the election spending ban: Distribution of high-quality underlying rice seeds and information materials across the country; Setting up rice technology demonstration trials; And the behavior of farmersDay on the field or walking on the field.

The commission said in the program We deserve continuity, not disrupting the supply of rice in the country and at the same time protecting our national food security.

Kamlek further noted that irrigation projects are exempt from the scope of the ban. Luisa Maria Jacinta c. Jackson

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