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Presidential candidate Leni Robredo Dagupan, Pangasinan April 8. – Philippine Star / Michael Varkas

I wrote this place many times before the survey ranking changed during the campaign period. Because in the rankingFExpress the feelings of the voters while conducting the survey. A lot can happen between the time of conducting a survey and the day of election which can change the mood of the voters and as a result the ranking of the candidates in the survey.

For one, the campaign strategists of different candidates will do things to increase the political reserves of their candidate or to destroy the position of his opponents. There may be developments beyond the influence of the candidates which can have a significant impact on their campaign.

This was seen in the latest Pulse Asia survey on the preferences of presidential candidates. Bambang Marcos is still ahead in the March 17-21 survey, but its numbers have dropped by 4%, from 60% to 56% in the February 18-23 survey. The number of Leni Robredo has increased by 9%, from 15% to 24% in February.

Marcos leads in all geographies – 64% in Metro Manila, 54% in the rest of Luzon, 48% in Visayas and 62% in Mindanao. However, he lost points in all these cases – 2% in Metro Manila, 4% in the rest of Luzon, 5% in Visayas and 6% in Mindanao.

Robredo Metro registered 17% in Manila, 30% in the rest of Luzon, 28% in Visayas and 14% in Mindanao. However, with the exception of Metro Manila where he lost 1%, he has scored big in all regional areas. He gained 14% in the rest of Luzon and 9% in Visayas and Mindanao.

Marcos still leads across the social class, but his numbers within this classStayThe cache is also reduced – 4% for Class C people, 5% for Class D people, and 6% for Class E people. Robredo gained 13% from Class C, 10% from Class D, and 9% from Class E.

Robredo’s spokesman Barry Guterres said. “The poll numbers are beginning to reflect what we’ve seen on the ground: huge crowds, strong emotions, the tireless commitment of Filipinos from all walks of life, rallying behind Leni Robredo’s bid for the presidency. “

One incident that could affect Marcos and Robredo’s ratings in the Pulse Asia survey is the priestly letter to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines on February 25, just days after Pulse Asia finished its February survey. The letter refuted the notion that Ferdinand Marcos’ presidency was a golden age of a thriving economy, golden infrastructure, discipline and order.

The letter warned voters about the radical distortions in the history of martial law and the EDSA people’s power revolution. It states, “An election or any process which is not based on truth cannot be deceived and believed. As such, and in the run-up to the forthcoming elections, we urge our brothers and sisters – especially the youth – to carefully examine what is happening in our quest for a true and just society. “

Robredo’s gains could be significant in terms of voter preferences, as indicated in the Pulse Asia pollStayBut they are not enough to surpass Marcos’ lead. According to the Catholic bishop, if the Kakampinkas do not want an elected administration based on lies, they should seize the momentum created by the priestly letter to turn the tide in favor of Robredo.

Now Robredo’s campaign tactics have intensifiedStayCampaigning from house to house, the Kakampinks should go to each of their homes and tell the true story of the year of martial law. Their family should be told that Bambang could not keep his promise because he had been a humiliated and privileged person all his life and he was lazy and had no achievements to speak of.

They can use slogans. “Get backTo expose the ghost of Ferdinand Marcos, “the greatest robber of the government” as described in the Guinness Book of Records, is returning to the person of Bambang. Message “To get againThis could mean the return of the terrible marital dictatorship that has led to widespread corruption, rampant abuse, and unbridled oppression.

To counter the golden age narrative propagated by a force of trolls over the past three years, the Kakampinks should narrate the horrific stories of warrantless arrests in every home and the torture of political enemies and critics, the Jabidah genocide and other genocides. Murder, the rise of basic commodities, long queues for rice rations, and frequent mass blackouts during martial law.

Kakampink’s stories should be told to people in the countryside who have no access to social media, much less the mainstream media now that ABS-CBN’s far-reaching network has refused to use Air Lane. They should leave a flyer that home voters can read.

They don’t need to make a comic book that has bombarded them StayThe first bid for the Senate was in 1995. Simple flyers who tell the truth about Bambang Marcos, as posts now fill social media, will do.

Oscar P. Lagman, Jr. is a retired corporate executive, business consultant and professor of management. He was a political citizen from his college life in the late 1950s.

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