A tree for a mattress will keep you sleeping on a good night

MattressNextDay has partnered with a global environmental organization – Ecologi to support the goal of making the world greener.

The company is committed to planting more than one million trees by 2030; By planting a tree for each online mattress next day order as part of a project in collaboration with Ecologi.

It has become an official climate positive workforce and has promised to plant more than 500 trees a month to help offset carbon footprints.

To date, the action has been well-received as a strong demonstration of the company’s dedication to tackling climate change in its business ecosystem.

According to Martin Seeley, CEO of Mattress Nextday, “We’ve been looking for ways to show our support for the Eco-Green project for some time, and now we’re excited to be part of the Ecology team. The work that Ecologi has done over the years is incredible, ranging from generating clean electricity in countries like India to protecting and conserving forests worldwide, including the Amazon rainforest.

Prior to the collaboration, MattressNextDay had already provided a settlement and recycling service for its customers. The goal was to make sure no mattress ended up in the landfill

According to top executives, this new partnership creates a way to expand their environmental efforts within the company.

Mr Silly added: “In addition to our partnership with Ecologi, we are also working on other areas of business activity to enhance our sustainability efforts. We’ve recently transformed into a more modern fleet with the long-term goal of moving to electric vans to further reduce carbon emissions. “.

Similarly, Ecologio Mattress has expressed pleasure in partnering with Nextday. Linda Adams, head of the ecology partnership, said: “We’re really glad that an environmentally conscious company like Mattress Nextday has partnered with us to help them become more sustainable.

“Because their dedication is clear, they promise to plant 1 million trees by 2030, which will have a significant impact on the release of thousands of tons of carbon from the atmosphere at that time. It is encouraging that the company is taking many steps to reduce its carbon footprint. We hope that more companies in space will follow their lead and play their part in this concerted effort to fight climate change. “

Mattress will look to move away from plastic packaging next day and find more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Martin Seeley added, “We are already discussing green packaging with our manufacturers, and we are hopeful that we can help make these changes happen.

Founded in 2003, MattressNextDay specializes in affordable mattresses with free next-day delivery.

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