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Storytelling has become an efficient medium for interactive communication. From drawing to creating an ideal text for easy expression, storytelling is central to the human mind.

From walking on the sidewalk to holding a book to a digital screen, the world has witnessed a rapid digital transformation. And, sprouting through the digital space, virtual reality has opened up new opportunities for storytellers who want to promise interactive storytelling. But unfortunately, virtual reality has shifted its focus from the mobile-friendly experience to the hardware segment, reducing the significance of VR content.

Inspired by the vision of improving through these challenges and creating a mobile-first VR experience has laid the foundation for 2IMMERSIVE4U, Co-founded by Dusan Simic Like this CEO And Philip Milinkovich As a company President The company envisions partnering with talented producers and charting courses for taking VR into the anime space.

We interviewed Dusan and Philip at Insights Success to learn more about 2IMMERSIVE4U’s technology leadership.

Here are the main highlights of the interview:

Please brief our audience about 2IMMERSIVE4U and how it has positioned itself as a leading player in the AR / VR space.

Dusan: We started from a different angle than most companies that rely heavily on hardware. VR is nothing new. The format didn’t stick with the audience, so a different approach was needed. Our primary concern is to start with the content, not the hardware.

Tell us more about your offers through which you have confirmed your strong position in the market.

Philip: At 360 ° and 180 our unique approach focuses on storytelling and accessibility. You can watch 2 immersive 4V videos on any device (mobile, PC, or laptop) and get a completely immersive experience – enabling viewers easy access to these experiences. Our videos are suitable for marketing content, music videos and anime.

Dusan and Philip, please brief us on your journey in the AR / VR industry and how you contributed to the success of 2IMMERSIVE4U.

Dusan: I come from the music industry, I had 12 years of experience there, awards and Sony contracts. I met Philip at the local hub before Covid, where he led workshops on digital transformation. They hired him as a consultant, and I was amazed at his attitude and thinking, so I was – I need to start a company with this guy. I thought he was 25 or 26; He was only 19 then.

Soon I started posting ads online and started using referrals from my friends to find the right people for projects. Now we have a remote team from 4 different continents.

Philip: This field is unique. Over the past few months, we’ve seen a surge in interest in AR / VR space due to Metaverse, but the technology is not new. The initial VR wave started in 2015 and over the years, it died slowly, except for a few niches. I believe that what we do here at 2Immersive4U is extremely important. With all the manufacturers, we have the opportunity to redefine what AR / VR is and move it in the right direction.

As an experienced leader, why is it important for AR / VR companies to adopt modern technology and share your thoughts on how you have used different technologies to deliver your offers?

Dusan: AR / VR companies are already at the forefront of modern technology At 2Immmersive4U, we use modern tools to improve our process. One of our favorite tools is the unreal engine; We like what they do and what they do in this medium.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, what challenges did you face and how did you maintain operations while ensuring the safety of your employees?

Philip: The epidemic did not affect us very much. We already have a remote team and we have mastered that kind of production. If anything, we can say that COVID-19 has opened up a lot of companies to be aware of the cutting-edge technologies that work for us.

What would be your advice for emerging entrepreneurs who want to become entrepreneurs in the AR / VR space?

Dusan: Before we all agree that adopting modern technologies is the key issue, we might ask a different question: when is the right time to adopt? We’ve seen in the past that the first movers were right about predicting the future, but sometimes being too early in the game can get you all wrong.

We urge emerging entrepreneurs to build on the mistakes that companies make in this space and not follow imitative aspirations, which are popular and try to copy other companies.

For all aspiring creators in the medium, we recommend exploring the medium beyond its design boundaries without limiting creativity.

How do you envision scaling up your company’s activities and offers in 2022 and beyond?

Philip: Our process is currently patent-pending, and we are expanding into the Southeast Asian market. In 2022 and beyond, our vision is to partner with talented producers in the field of animation from that market and chart the course for taking VR in the anime space.

Please give us some case studies of your products, testimonials of your clients / customers and awards / recognition that accurately reflect your company’s position in the market. (If available / allowed)

Dusan: We would like to point out our favorite case study.

With Reactor 5, our first music video, we got an Emmy nomination in the interactive media space. In this project, we have partnered with PeopleLink, a nonprofit in Cleveland to support disadvantaged families across Northeast Ohio.

With Mr. Memo, we’ve taken an old 90’s product and revived it using modern media. We used our unique format for YouTube advertising and achieved a 10% -12% click-through rate, an increase of 100% over the average click-through rate.

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