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Alpine Villas: Your gateway to the premier Swiss lifestyle

Alpine Villa is a charming enclave with a mid-rise tower in the style of a Swiss chalet.

It brings you into the embrace of nature.

This picturesque 100-hectare Swiss-inspired luxury community in the city of Tagaytay, above all, not only entertains you with breathtaking views from the heights that allow you to climb the cool mountains. Crosswinds — which Brittany Corp. Developed by, the luxurious residential arm of Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc., the country’s largest homeowner, surrounds you with the serene serenity of its alluring pine forest in a beautiful glimpse of the famous Alpine region.

Alpine Villa’s new tower, Biel, was named after a famous Swiss village and was inspired by the idea of ​​bathing one’s senses in the forest environment.

Especially in the last two years it has become a favorite holiday spot in the epidemic, it is not at all surprising because it presents a captivating repetition of beautiful rural life but in a more sophisticated environment.

Spread across this magnificent expanse of leaves, rich in nearly 35,000 tall pine trees, is a vast array of luxurious houses, hotels and mid-rise residential towers that are already shaped like Swiss chalets. Plenty of open spaces যেখানে where you can breathe fresh, cool air and interact with nature, yet this community offers modern conveniences and sophisticated food to suit your discerning palate.

Crosswinds offers a wide range of outdoor recreation, from cycling and jogging paths to beautiful jogging and hiking trails.

The first oasis

Crosswinds, today, has truly become the premier Swiss oasis that can remind the wonderful Filipino communities of alpine attractions.

The latest village to bring this attraction closer to home is the 2.8-hectare Alpine Villa, a charming enclave with a mid-rise tower in the style of a Swiss chalet. The first four towers, namely, Barnes, Blanc, Brianz and Biel, will rise 582 meters above sea level, indicating an exceptional view of the exclusive community of Crosswinds.

At Crosswinds, residents can enjoy the serenity of walking through the dense forest of pine trees while enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature.

Inspired by the idea of ​​a forest bath, Alpine Villa is being built on sustainable design principles. Even before the epidemic, this development has already been conceived considering environmental, health and wellness.

Basically, this strange complex seeks to show how nature nurtures, heals and restores.

For example, the 9-storey Biel is designed to reflect the beauty of nature, with 58 units incorporating elements of wood and other natural materials, including one- and two-bedroom cuts. About 30 percent of this development will be devoted to green open space.

With open spaces, colorful flowers, and the breeze of fresh pine scents, Alpine Villa inspires you to slow down, practice meditation, and reconnect with nature সাধ a pursuit that has become even more meaningful since the epidemic began two years ago.

A good thing here is that there are some remaining units left like the Biel, which offer larger unit sizes, more open space, upgraded features and better viewing and convenience points.

For those looking for comfort, serenity and serenity away from the city, this is truly the ideal property.

Helpful for pursuit

You won’t be unprepared here though Alpine Villas and Crosswinds, in particular, have created a community that is extremely suitable for countless pursuits, making it a truly ideal vacation whatever the time of year.

Indicates nature-inspired activities as the crosswinds allow outdoor recreation with cycling and jogging paths as well as running and hiking trails. A curated list of amenities divided into passive and active spaces will undoubtedly keep you busy — fitness facilities, private parks, children’s outdoor playgrounds, pet parks, function halls and tranquil gardens.

Practical features will also give you that elusive peace of mind — 24/7 security protocol, CCTV, Wi-Fi and building systems in all common areas. The units were also designed with versatility in mind, giving homeowners the flexibility to design their space.

Even better, Alpine Villa is close to the one-of-a-kind dining concept that will allow your palate to travel the world — Windmill Lausanne, Cafe Yama, Dear Joe and Andersen’s Bakery. There are also ruined projects near the entrance to Crosswinds ?, Napa, Cafe Viola and Coffee projects.

At Crosswind, kids can stay outdoors, play in different green spaces, and spend more time in nature.

Good investment

A unit at Alpine Villa is a significant investment option that will benefit you in multiple ways. In addition to giving you a home in a beautiful, peaceful community like Crosswinds, it will allow you to make significant gains through a valuation of capital if you want to dismantle it at some point in the future – although I doubt you will.

And even if you do not wish to stay here all year round, your investment in Alpine Villas will be worth it. In the last five years and even in the midst of an epidemic, unit prices here have risen an impressive 67 percent, with a compounded annual growth rate of 11 percent. Passive income opportunities are possible.

In addition to Crosswinds in Tagaytay, Brittany also offers a fine selection of home designs, high-end condominium and lot-only properties in nice places like Portofino, Alabang, La Posada, Sucat and Georgia Club, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

For more information on the Brittany Corporation’s collection of luxury properties, see Or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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The rich should be taxed more to help families with huge profits

The Sunday Times’ richest list of UK billionaires shows a record number of taxpayers should be taxed on their profits.

The huge increase in wealth at the top during epidemics shows how ‘wealth often breeds more wealth’, says think tank

Call for redistribution through higher taxes on income from assets, and repeal of council tax for a new, proportional property tax

Reacting to this year’s Sunday Times Rich List, George Dibbs, head of the IPPR think tank’s Center for Economic Justice, said: This was especially true during the epidemic, when the rich saved more wealth than the poor who saved nothing.

“The UK now has more billionaires than ever before and the combined wealth of the rich has grown again.

“We urgently need to look at ways to help the families most affected by this new price crisis, including the redistribution of wealth among the rich to pay for higher social security benefits for those most in need.”

“This means reforming the tax system so that income from assets – capital gains – is taxed just like hard-earned income from work. The time has come to replace the council tax regressive system with a fair, proportional property tax. Those with broad shoulders should contribute more.”

“At the same time we should abolish the so-called ‘non-dome’ status so that the rich can spend time abroad and avoid taxes.”

What is futures trading? – Is that a good move?

Future trading is not for beginners, it requires experience of even the most advanced traders. It is a type of trading that is available in different markets and has applications and platforms that give you a channel to trade in the future. For something that doesn’t seem to be related to stock and products, what exactly is the future, what is the purpose and what should you enter into it? We’ll find out.

What is futures trading? – Breakdown

What is futures trading? You can’t start investing hard-earned money in something you don’t understand, so we’re going to give you a quick breakdown.

Futures are derivative financial contracts. What does a derivative mean? In the case of trading, it is a contract that “generates” its value from a group of assets, an underlying asset or a benchmark. The two parties will enter into an agreement (hence the term) to agree on the purchase or sale of commodity assets or securities on a specific date in the future, for a price that has been set. Note that there is a minimum price fluctuation for each contract known as a “tick”.

These trades are made in the futures market or exchange. To participate in futures trading you will need a brokerage account that is authorized to do so.

You may think that it sounds like option trading and you will be fine, but there is a difference. At the end of the contract, there is no guarantee of the price of the options, but in futures trading, the buyer is obliged to purchase the asset and the seller is obliged to pay it.

Futures market

We have mentioned that futures are traded in the futures market. How are they different from other markets and exchanges? It’s just that it’s dedicated to the future. A general contract agreement contains information such as the amount the buyer promises to purchase and the delivery date for the seller. Examples of futures commodities include oil, metals, coffee, grain and even currencies such as cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Break down the categories you might find in the futures market or in exchange for more examples.

Financial Future – E-Mini S&P 500, NASDAQ and Russell 2000, and Mini Dow Jones.

Currency Futures – Many world currencies such as AUD, CAD, British Pound, Yen, USD

Energy Future- Natural gas, oil, ethanol

Metal Futures – Gold, platinum, silver, copper, palladium

Livestock Futures – Cattle for eating such as cattle

Food Future- Coffee, sugar, cheese

Grain Future – Corn, soy, wheat, oats

Future – How does it work?

Is trading futures divided into just a few steps?

Take fuel, for example, since prices are astronomical at the time of writing. Suppose a power corporation like Chevron and Shell wants to set prices and avoid potential future growth. The corporation will become the buyer, looking for a contract from the seller, who will be the fuel distributor, who says the amount fixed for a set price that will be delivered at a certain time in the future.

Stock futures

We’ve talked about the various products available in Futures Trading, but there are also stock options that you can’t deal with. Individual companies like some ETFs may also have futures stocks. You can even find futures bonds.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. However, others do short-selling, which is actually a gain with a stock fall.

Future agreement

We have explained what futures contracts are, but let’s go into more detail about what is set out in each.

  • How to trade (physical delivery, cash, etc.)
  • Quantity of product
  • Coin
  • Product details such as grade, quality etc.
  • Unit of measurement

What is the purpose of the future?

A big and probably primary reason to trade futures is to hedge against the potential risk of price change. This is one of the best ways to do this for large corporations. So, risk management is a big part of it, but the other half is about estimating.

One thing to understand before the deal ends, futures trades are extremely fluid and can change hands. Why this matter? This is a great feature for those who do not plan to own a product. What such an investor does is gain from the market without being responsible for the follow-through.

Anyone who buys and sells before the expiration date will have no obligation to meet the terms of the agreement. This is complicated, which is why we do not recommend futures trading for beginners. However, if you want to go into the future and be open to learning and spending time on it, TopstepTrader is a great option. You can also consider NinjaTrader or, but you can try the free trial for TopStepTrader first and then decide.

Future trading – good and bad

The best way to determine which type of trading or investment is right for you is to consider the pros and cons.


  • Diversify your investor profile by spreading assets across different types of investments
  • Participate in short sales
  • Potential tax benefits
  • Speculation due to high liquidity
  • Risk management
  • Deposits are usually a fraction of the total amount


  • Success requires investment and trading knowledge
  • Margins open up more risks with more profit opportunities


We talked about all the good things that come with futures trading, from risk management to short selling. If you meet the criteria for going through futures trading, you can reap all the benefits if you understand this.

A brokerage will probably ask about your investment experience, your total net worth and even your income margin and the risks they will allow you to deal with. Commissions and fees are set by the brokerage and will vary. It also depends on the services they provide. There are some organizations that offer lots of support and advice.


The futures market is very attractive to those who want to invest a small amount, especially through small sales. We see in day trading people who just borrow money to play in the futures market. While it is true that you can gain a lot, the opposite is also true and you can lose a lot.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) warns of the volatility of individual investors and makes recommendations against it for those who have no capital or experience. Again, there are platforms to use that can give you a taste of futures trading without the risk of going it alone.

The final word

The point we are trying to make throughout this article is that futures trading is a very lucrative form of investment to hedge against future price increases and to make a lot of money through a small initial investment in short sales. It is also important to acknowledge the underlying risks of futures trading, which can equate to high profits and high losses.

Sri Lanka’s default indicates problems facing other developing countries

Protesters gather during a demonstration in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Thursday, April 28, 2022. – Bloomberg

Sri Lanka’s imminent default on 12.6 billion in foreign bonds is a warning signal to investors in other developing countries that rising inflation is poised to take a painful toll.

The South Asian nation has been running through a 78 78 million grace period since gaining independence from Britain in 1948, marking its first sovereign debt default. Its bonds are already trading deep in the troubled region, with holders reaching close to 60 cents in dollars for losses. The government said last month that it would stop repaying foreign loans.

All the debt crises are unique to the situation in Sri Lanka – the details here include an unpopular government led by an almighty family, the unresolved consequences of 30 years of civil war and violent street protests. But the island’s story is beginning to be seen as a bellwether for emerging markets where deficits have risen due to inflation, including world-record-high food costs, with the potential to destroy the national economy.

“Sri Lanka’s default is a bad omen for emerging markets,” said Guido Chamorro, co-head of Pickett Asset Management’s emerging-market hard-currency lending, which holds Sri Lankan bonds. “We hope the good times stop. Slower growth and more difficult funding conditions will increase the default risk, especially for border countries. “

Sri Lanka, the $ 81-billion economy on India’s south coast, has been in turmoil for weeks amid a year-on-year inflation of 30%, a declining currency and an economic crisis that has left the country short of the hard currency it needs to import. Food and fuel. Anger over the situation – brought on by years of excessive debt to fund inflated state companies and liberal social benefits – has erupted into violent protests.

Massive arson and clashes have been reported from different parts of the country, and the homes and properties of several government lawmakers have been set on fire. At least nine people, including a member of parliament, were killed in the violence.

Sri Lanka is currently without a finance minister, which could complicate efforts to overcome the crisis as the government struggles to restore security and get a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). At the same time, it is BlackRock, Inc. And a restructuring with lenders, including the Ashmore Group.

The country’s dollar bonds are among the worst performers in the world this year, with only Bitcoin-based notes from Ukraine, Belarus and El Salvador worse. The government failed to hand over about $ 78 million coupons to mature debt holders on April 18, 2023 and 2028, prompting the S&P Global Rating to declare an election default. Fitch Ratings and Moody’s Investor Service have not yet announced their official defaults, despite issuing their own warnings.

After the grace period for this payment ends on Wednesday, negotiations with lenders could begin in earnest, a process that would be key to winning help from the IMF. The country has previously said it needs 3 3 billion to 4 4 billion this year to pull itself out of the crisis.

The country’s $ 1 billion debt this July rose 0.24 cents to 42.73 cents on Wednesday, reaching a record 42.5 cents last week, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

But such an agreement will not be easy to complete quickly. Although President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has already called on one of his political opponents to take over as prime minister following the resignation of his brother Mahinda Rajapaksa, instability remains. Even after the 30-year civil war that ended in 2009, divisions remain deep and the central bank governor has threatened to resign if political stability does not return soon.

“We are in a liquid situation that is very dangerous for Sri Lanka,” said Matthew Vogel, London-based portfolio manager and head of sovereign research at FIM Partners.

The risk of duplication
As Sri Lanka struggles with instability, its problems provide a warning to other emerging markets where the burden of heavy debt is being transformed into economic problems and social unrest. The challenge is compounded by the fact that the Federal Reserve and other major central banks have raised interest rates to curb inflation, which has led to higher borrowing costs.

Trang Nguyen, executive director of emerging market strategy at JPMorgan Chase & Co., said:

At least 14 developing economies tracked in a Bloomberg gauge have debt yields of more than 1,000 basis points on the US Treasury, a threshold for bonds to be considered miserable.

Other countries, including Egypt, Tunisia and Peru, are already under increasing pressure from rising food and energy prices. It risks becoming a major debt collapse and another threat to the fragile recovery of the world economy from the epidemic. Pakistan, Ethiopia and Ghana are also at risk of pursuing the case, Bloomberg Economics said last month.

“This could be the beginning of a trend across the Sri Lankan border and in emerging markets where governments face a debt crisis – and perhaps default on their obligations,” said Brendon McKenna, a strategist at Wells Fargo in New York who said Pakistan and Egypt were particularly vulnerable. “As prices rise, many of the fundamentally weaker countries with dollar-denominated debt may struggle to repay bonds.” – Bloomberg

Greggs sales back in the cities to work from home

Greggs revealed that its sales in large cities and near office locations are lagging behind other places in the UK due to the shift to homework.

Roger Whiteside, the outgoing chief executive of the bakery chain, said the number of transactions in city centers was 10% lower than the pre-Covid level. “Fewer people are going to the office and fewer people are shopping. I doubt it will ever go back to pre-coded numbers, although it could be a bit better, ”he said.

The results were supported by independent data from analysts at Springboard released on Monday, which showed that last week shoppers in central London were 22% lower at the 2019 level, 16.2% lower in regional cities outside the capital and 17% lower in office locations. . This compares with 11.4% less in suburbs of London and 12.5% ​​in historic cities.

However, Whiteside said Greggs is opening more outlets in downtown Leicester Square in central London, as it has taken advantage of lower rents and moved others away. He said that despite the epidemic being less popular than before, the capital’s sites were “still busier than anywhere else.”

Greggs said sales at transport hubs, such as railway and bus stations, showed a “marked increase” with day trips, holidays and the return of office workers.

Whiteside said there were no signs that costs had fallen as customers’ living costs were reduced, and the chain reported a 27.4% increase in sales at established outlets from 19 weeks to 14 May.

The company said there was strong demand for new hot foods such as chicken gouge and potato wedges as sales increased after the Kovid-19 ban was relaxed.

Presenting the final set of his results before resigning, Whiteside said the success of hot meals is an important part of Greggs’ business strategy. “This is a market opportunity. People want value for money [food] In the evening, ”he said.

The company warned that it would raise prices for the third time this year – up to 10% for some products – with most prices rising between 5p and 10p, similar to the increase in January. The company also increased the prices of some items when the government removed VAT relief in April.

Whiteside said Greggs would look closely at competitors to try to stay competitive, adding: “In the current climate, moving prices is inevitable.”

The company said: “Consumer income will obviously be under pressure in the second half of the year. We will continue to work to reduce the impact of cost pressures while maintaining Greggs’ reputation for exceptional value. “

Greggs said in March that rising prices for materials, energy and fuel could push up prices after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Baker, best known for his sausage rolls and pastries, predicted that profits would fail to grow next year as it sought to offset inflation from 5% to 7% in early 2022.

The company faced a potential shareholder revolt over its executive salary at its annual meeting on Tuesday after criticism from two reputable investment advisory groups.

The bonus payout amount for Whiteside is more than double his basic salary of £ 575,209, taking his total package to £ 1.9m with benefits.

Investment adviser Pirak said shareholders should vote against the payroll report, arguing that Whiteside’s salary was exorbitant and 79 times higher than that of a regular employee.

Why is it important for accountants to be ethical?

Accounting ethics is about presenting the accounting profession correctly. Ultimately, every accounting professional needs to show that they have professional skills and proper training and understand the ethical principles of the job they are performing.

But why is it so important for accounting professionals to have a deeper understanding of ethical guidelines than any other profession?

Well, today, we will explore the professional ethics of accounting and discuss accounting practices in more depth for proper understanding.

Understanding accounting ethics

The accounting profession needs ethical code guidelines for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • They work with sensitive information
  • They are seen as professionals who should have proper understanding and training
  • They must maintain their independence and objectivity in order to provide fair and accurate information
  • They are being relied upon by others in the business (business partners, assistant accountants, etc.)

Without fair and accurate reporting as a professional accountant, they cannot do their job properly. Ethical accounting is not just about being a good accountant; This is more than just protecting the accounting industry as a whole. It also deals with the protection of accountants working in the industry.

Think. If these accountants are asked to conduct financial statements for the business and report their results from the financial information provided to them, then the ethics of accounting protect their business as well.

Businesses can be sure that accountants are conducting their business by following the accounting policy and following professional behavior when searching for potentially confidential information.

And similarly, accountants can be sure that they are allowed to be purposeful when consulting, which allows them to be honest with their clients.

Darlington’s Auditox accountants have covered the Code of Ethics for Accountants in detail and have been able to provide us with some interesting information. The importance of ethics in accounting cannot be overstated as accountants have rules and regulations that they must adhere to, which allows them to maintain their professional integrity and avoid pressure from ‘superiors’ to report falsely.

Examples of ethical accounting

Now let’s look at some guiding ethical and accounting practices that help accountants avoid negative consequences when working (or with) business.

A note on the management agency

Accountants have an excessive set of rules, expectations and regulations that they must adhere to. Failure to do so may result in loss of their role as accountants as it is legally required to follow these ethical standards and guidelines in order to maintain the integrity of their profession.

Below are examples of the different ethics they focus on.

Freedom and the remaining purpose

The key to success as an accountant is to be in control of your own decision making. By being independent and purposeful, an accountant is able to make impartial decisions without the intervention of the business, company or clients.

An accountant’s professional judgment is considered independent of all conflicts of interest, and what makes ethics important is this: Accountants must be safe and honest whenever they are providing their services because the laws must tell them.

Thanks to this ethics, an accountant can keep their decision making clear and unbiased and outside influences cannot negatively influence or skew their decision.


All accountants must maintain confidentiality when working with a business or company as they often deal with sensitive information. Financial information, statements, and information must all be handled with care.

It is the job of an accountant to look at each financial product with delicacy and independence and to set an example of how their work is in line with the demands of their profession in an ethical and professional manner.


Honesty in accounting is when all aspects of their work are open and honest. This means honesty with the company, honesty with interested parties and employees and especially honesty with oneself.

An accountant needs to understand the importance of providing information only when giving financial advice. Information that they deem misleading, omitted, or false may not be treated as a service, policy, or prohibition in providing their services.

Professional expectations

Of course, there is an expectation that an accountant will have proper academic knowledge, experience and training – so that they can complete their work efficiently and on time.

It is important that an accountant is trained and familiar with the subject. Without meeting professional expectations, an accountant can negatively affect the performance of a business.

The importance of ethics in accounting is more than just protecting business, employees and accountants; It is also about professional development and training and constant pursuit of knowledge so that they can do the best they can.


It’s also about being accountable. You are responsible for the business you work for, but also for blaming yourself for the work you do. The accountant is responsible if there is a problem in clearing the account.

This is why being accountable is included in accounting ethics, because it is an important job and role, and it is one that should be treated with the respect it deserves.

Consequences of poor ethics

Failure to adhere to the ethical principles and guidelines expected from an accountant can have serious repercussions.

Immoral habits can be:

  • Loss of respect in the industry
  • Bad results for the business you work for
  • Loss of work
  • Loss of your role as an accountant
  • Serious legal reactions

That conclusion is really important because for accountants who deliberately confuse business, fail to follow guidelines and practices, and for those who do not adhere to the legal requirements of accountants, there is a very real possibility of landing oneself in legal trouble.

An unethical approach to accounting can lead to job losses, loss of your job and serious problems with the law if you are not careful.

The latest thought

Hopefully, today’s post proves just how important ethics is in accounting. Knowing what to expect from an accountant, you can work in the right way (if you are an accountant yourself), or observe the work of the accountant you are working with to make sure they are following the rules, regulations, guidelines. , And the morals that must meet them.

Ethics is important in accounting because it avoids conflict from all angles. It protects business, and it protects accountants, so That This is why it is so important for accountants to be ethical.

Lock-down Shanghai Mall slowly, to start reopening other businesses

Residents line up for a nuclear acid test during a lockdown on April 17 in Shanghai, China. – Reuters

SHANGHAI – Shanghai’s Chinese financial and manufacturing center will gradually reopen businesses such as shopping malls and hair salons from Monday, weeks after a severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) lockdown, the city’s vice mayor said in a media briefing on Sunday.

Shanghai, which has been locked-down for more than six weeks, is in the midst of recent tensions in some areas that it is hoping to deliver a final push in the fight against the virus.

Shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets will resume in-store activities and allow consumers to shop “in an orderly manner”, while hair salons and vegetable markets will reopen with limited capacity, said Vice Mayor Chen Tong, but did not specify. The speed or range of the type reopening.

During the lockdown in Shanghai, residents were largely confined to buying essentials, while general shopping on online platforms was largely suspended.

Shanghai will soon announce a third “white list” of more than 820 companies engaged in imports and exports, which could resume operations, a city official said. – Reuters

Ralph Rogue, CEO of Open-Banking Startup Crazecore

Provide an online checkout for B2B businesses without the need for card-schemes like Visa or MasterCard.

Crezco is a business-to-business open banking payment platform that makes B2B invoice payments as frictionless as card payments but processes account-to-account payments up to 1 million in real-time, without the associated costs. CEO Ralph Rogge talks to Business Matters

What kind of business do you work with?

We typically work with UK and EU small businesses, many of which have integrated their payment processing APIs with their accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero. Others use our app directly or connect with us through some of our integrated booking and supply-chain platforms.
Does your company solve the problem?
Online checkouts that rely on card-schemes are not suitable for B2B businesses These are costly, fraudulent, chargeback, delayed settlement time, and subject to payment limits. These weren’t just for B2B business purposes because they were originally created for personal point-of-sale payments. Crezco was built with the sole purpose of facilitating B2B invoicing. Payments through Crazeco are not subject to fraud, chargeback, delayed settlement time, or lower payment limit – our maximum payment is 1 million per.

What is your USP?

We are the only checkout solution that can process up to এবং 1 million instantly and for free – without any hidden costs.
What is the value of your company? Have you ever challenged them and if so how did you deal with it?
We were very clear about our company’s values ​​- customer-centric, collaborative, humane, innovative and results-driven. These were not scheduled, but the whole team carefully curated.
We are a startup that is passionate about tackling challenges, whether it’s about creating new complex payment products, ensuring the company’s collegiate environment and maintaining a sense of ownership or care for our customers.

How do you ensure that you are hiring a team that reflects your company’s values?

Recruitment is difficult but we also know the importance of hiring our first team. We are aware that the first 20 or 30 employers can form the foundation of our company and will determine the growth of Crazecore over the next ten years. This is why our recruitment process is highly structured and data-driven. This is not a continuous process, we ask all the candidates the same question and we get the existing team members to score the interviewer independently across different variables of both professional and personal type. Selling yourself is also really important. Sometimes we meet great candidates who like to take jobs elsewhere. Recruitment is a relationship that needs to be seen and felt by both parties.

Are you happy to offer a hybrid work model for the next home / office?

Krejko was founded during the epidemic, so hybrid work is in our culture and DNA. Stereotypically, at least start-up, fin-tech or otherwise, working from home (remote work) breeds powerful processes, while office-work helps build friendships. For further generalization, developers are stronger with the former and do business with the latter. A hybrid culture teaches you to value both.

Do you have any tips to effectively manage suppliers and customers?

Communication is so important. We want happy suppliers and happy customers and, if we ever feel their expectations are low, why contact us? People are very understandable, we are human beings above all, and so if we are sincere in our reasoning, both the supplier and the customer show more patience and understanding. However, it is easier to deliver better than expected or expected.
Any money or cash-flow tips for starting a new business?
Granted we’ve created an online checkout solution for instant payments, without fees, I’d recommend merging with Crazeco. Whether invoices are paid via Xero or QuickBooks, or as an e-commerce checkout option in Stripe, our customers have found with CrazeCo that they not only save fees, but pay quickly.

What if you could change the government one thing for business?

Last February (2021), the Chancellor prepared a report to determine the scenario and strategy for Fintech in the UK. The Califa report is named after Ron Califar, the former CEO of payment giant WorldPay. There are some great recommendations to help the industry in covering the UK: control, talent, acquisition and investment. I want the government to follow the proposed strategies so that the UK maintains its international appeal for fintech players due to the huge increase in competition from the continent recently. Open banking, for example, was an incredibly innovative proposal by the UK’s competition and market authorities when it was first introduced, but it remained an unfinished project, and the rest of the world accepted it. We need to keep our focus and finish what we started.

What is your attitude towards your competitors?

From time to time, a contestant collects an obscene amount of money. It can paralyze you like a deer in a headlight, uncertain about how to react or where to turn. Each company is unique and therefore the path to their success. Competition is good because it helps us better position ourselves and offer exceptional value to our customers. If there was no competition, we would be creating something that no one would value

Any thoughts on your company and the future of your dreams?

My focus is on creating a product and service that solves the biggest headaches for small businesses. The pioneer of Crezco B2B Invoice Payment – the only checkout solution that can process up to 1 million instantly and for free – without any hidden costs. My goal is to continue to ensure that we do not lose track of value for all our stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders and partners) as long as possible.

Cherry Martin

Cherry is the Associate Editor of Business Matters, responsible for writing more in-depth for future features, interviews and current business news in the UK’s largest print and online source.

Summer drive with a new Lexus

Lose the heat with a long awaited road trip on a Lexus RX Lexus IS

It’s hard to ignore the open street calls in the summer season. A trip to the beach, mountain or other town with family and loved ones is a great way to relax and rejuvenate the soul. These experiences are invaluable, and as such, your mode of transport should be equally fruitful. Here are two iconic Lexus models that will complement your driving personality.

Choose Lexus RX, and will be treated with zero% interest for up to 18 months and free two year periodic maintenance service. The RX is the first luxury crossover SUV to proudly carry a Lexus badge. When it debuted in 1998, it laid the groundwork for what would become a highly successful nameplate. To date, the RX is the most popular Lexus sold in the Philippines. This is not surprising, indeed, considering how the model has evolved, not only in appearance, but also in build quality, technology and practicality.

Choose Lexus IS and get free two year periodic maintenance service For driving enthusiasts, the Lexus IS Sport sedan is the obvious choice for road carving. A delightful drive from behind the wheel is waiting for you. Since the debut of the first-generation IS in 1999, the model has followed the thrill of driving uniquely from a compact rear-wheel-drive sports sedan. IS has captured the hearts of more than one million enthusiasts worldwide, and the number is growing

In the heat of summer, it’s time to start planning a great escape with Lexus that will fulfill your desires.

The RX 350 (P4,498,000) confirms its presence on different roads and in different driving situations. Beneath its hood is a 3.5-liter V6 direct-injection engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Items controlled are adaptive variable suspensions that consistently adjust the shock absorber damping rates in realtime. Not only does this boost the driver’s confidence, it also keeps the ride as smooth as expected from the Lexus.

The RX 350 F Sport (P5,158,000) shares the same ‘F’ spirit and enhances the sporty driving experience with a few key features. Inside is a unique F-Sport dial with full-length illuminated needles that add an element of excitement. The cabin is furnished with dimple leather with an exclusive perforated finish on the steering wheel and shift knob. And then there’s the aluminum pedal, exclusive to the F Sport models.

The IS 300h (P2,978,000) and IS 300h Premier (P3,328,000) were built on a philosophy of pleasing aesthetic and emotional values ​​to follow linear activity that is faithful to the driver’s purpose. To create the desired driving sensation, Lexus engineers return to the basics to develop a comfortable driving experience.

The IS F Sport (P3,808,000) is fitted with a dark metallic finish with 19-inch multi-spoke wheels that pay homage to the RC and LC models. There are 235/40 R19 tires for the front and 265/35 R19 tires for the rear to keep in touch with the road below. These performance tires provide the necessary grip and stability during energetic driving.

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You can download the MyLEXUS app available for both Android and iOS users to get live updates and access other premium services.

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5 Because every company needs a travel policy

It’s a drum that I’ll keep hitting, but every company, no matter how small or large their travel expenses, should have a simple, easy-to-follow travel policy.

Before “You’re Silent” became part of our everyday vocabulary, travelers were happy to be alone. But things have changed since the dark days of 2020, and instead of pursuing minimum fare or loyalty points, bookers and travelers are focusing on information, communication, flexibility, durability and security.

There are new questions to ask and answer. For example, what steps has your company taken to ensure the safety of female travelers? How do you support the health and well-being of your team when they are out on the streets? Do you offer opportunities for more sustainable travel?

A well-planned travel policy solves all of these problems, as well as balances your people’s personal preferences. This will put you at lower risk, eliminate leakage (aka rogue booking) and help you manage your travel costs.

Sun Xu said that if you “sweat more in peace, you will bleed less in war”. And while this may sound dramatic, the truth is that if you spend a little time and effort fixing your travel policy, you are setting yourself up for huge profits (and much less stress) in the long run.

Here are just five reasons to lay the foundation:

It’s the glue that holds everything together

In today’s global business environment, the old ‘Nine-to-Five’ model is no more. Instead, companies are working with office-based employees, employees who work from home, and consultants and teams that are spread across continents. Present tight budgets, new sustainable goals, and ongoing COVID-19 complexities and there’s more to consider.

A travel policy ensures that your team knows exactly how to book; Those who sign off on the trip; Cost management and submission process; Your company’s security protocol; And what to do in an emergency. There’s no room for explanation, and your policy will become a sticky one that holds your entire travel program together – making life easier for everyone involved.

Even ‘baby steps’ make a big difference

Creating a travel policy should not be a difficult or arduous process. In fact, a really tough ‘starter policy’ covers only the basics, such as:

  • Are there any restrictions on who will travel locally or internationally? In other words, which destination is considered high risk?
  • Are there any restrictions on travel within a specified period, for example, during an audit or at the end of a financial year? And how long can your travelers stay out of the office?
  • How to book a business trip? Online or with a preferred TMC?
  • Are there any preferred partners for flight, accommodation and car rental?
  • Who is responsible for signing off on the trip – and what is the process?
  • How do travelers pay their bills and what can (and cannot) claim?

It will save you money

The last row? Having a travel policy in place is still the number one way to save money for a business. And the numbers don’t lie.

With a new travel policy in hand, one of our clients, Angus Knight, was able to save:

  • Accommodation £ 10K per year; And
  • Airfare £ 15K per year; And
  • 47% of their total travel expenses by switching to our online booking tool.

By forcing and combining their travel expenses with preferred suppliers, they suddenly got access to volume discounts, exclusive rates and lots of benefits. Importantly though, they were able to fix the loopholes – where money was lost, often invisibly, because there were no guidelines (or accountability) on how, where and when employees could book trips.

It helps with planning, booking and reporting

A good travel policy supports a good online booking platform and vice versa. With Corporate Travelers Melon, travel bookers have access to a wide range of travel content – linked to your company’s travel policies and goals. What does this mean? You don’t just have to book and manage

Traveling has become a lot easier for travelers and bookers but all of a sudden you will have access to clean actionable data, which is a powerful tool.

As Angus Knight realized, full visibility of your travel expenses means you are able to gather insights into your company’s travel behavior, identify potential savings, manage your budget, and report with confidence.

In this perilous age, it is more important than ever

Covid on the one hand, business travel can be unpredictable. Any travel policy needs to cover the safety and well-being of travelers. For example, how do you communicate with your passengers on the road? How do you track everyone’s location for security and safety purposes? Emergency protocol What should happen?

Trust your TMC to help you create a comprehensive risk management strategy that covers everything from how many passengers can fly on the same flight to insurance and medical cover.

Truly, a travel policy should be the cornerstone of your travel program. It is a living document that should be regularly reviewed and updated to meet the changing needs and sustainable goals of your organization.

No SME should be without one, so we’ve covered it in Corporate Traveler’s SME Corporate Travel Toolkit. This free resource will guide you on how to create the perfect travel policy, where to store without compromising traveler’s safety, loss of unmanaged travel and much more.

Andy Hegley

After working on a business trip for 10 years, Andy became the General Manager of Corporate Traveler in 2017, bringing with him a wealth of experience from previous roles in business development, account management and operations. Andy’s Focus is providing a superior customer service experience that clients will not find anywhere else and is offering products and services to make business travel easier. Listening to personal needs, Andy believes we can help our clients run their business objectives.