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Sensbury’s customers ‘see every penny’ as living costs rise

Sainsbury’s says its customers are starting to see “every penny” as the lifestyle crisis mounts, which, combined with significant cost increases and supply problems, will reduce profits in the supermarket chain next year.

The UK’s second-largest grocer said it would make full-year profits of up to £ 690m over the next 12 months, down from £ 730m in the same period last year, which it said was helped by the বিক 100m of extra sales driven by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Tesco and Morrison added that the warning came as the grocery sector was hit by a combination of epidemics, Brexit and the Ukraine war, which would hurt profits due to rising costs, slow sales and heavy competition over prices.

Simon Roberts, chief executive of Sainsbury’s, said it was an “early day” in the wake of signs of a change in consumer behavior, with many more fuel bills coming into effect this month alone for many families. But he said: “Customers are being a little more cautious, looking at every penny, every pound.”

He said the cost of food production was rising “from farm to thorn”, adding that while Ukraine’s war power, fuel, fertilizer and animal feed added to existing pressures, Censbury was persuading producers to pay extra cash for pork, milk and so on. Especially eggs.

“We are focused on how we can keep the tide flowing and keep prices down,” he said [for customers]Roberts says.

He said Censbury’s profits for next year would be reduced by the need to control the price of essential commodities – many of which matched the prices of chain discount alders – as well as the need for home-cooked meals in restaurants and cafes now. And the office has reopened.

The group expects lower sales of non-food items at its Argos stores, where epidemiological-related factories and port restrictions are hampered, despite customers’ excess cash and the difficulty of supplying items such as Chinese-made TVs and consumer electronics. .

Costs could also rise this fall due to the need to rehabilitate censorship stores to meet new government rules for marketing high-fat, salty and sugary foods.

Sensebury’s profit warning came after a 3.4% increase in supermarket sales in March, which led to a 60% increase in petrol sales and a 13% increase in clothing sales as people returned to socialization and epidemic restrictions were relaxed as offices.

Sales of groceries were stable, but general merchandise declined by about 12%, led by a decline in toys and consumer electronics sales at the Argos store.

The underlying pretax profit doubled to £ 730m as the company reduced the cost of personnel and protective gear required during the epidemic. Sainsbury’s also gets a one-time benefit of এবং 182m in legal settlement of credit and debit card fees.

Roberts said retailers were aiming to keep inflation under wraps. The plan includes introducing more automated tiles and merging its delivery network and supply chains from Argos, Sensbury and its Habitat home furnishing brands.

The group also closed 200 in-store cafes and some hot food counters, switching in partnership with Starbucks and Boparan Holdings, owners of Giraffe, Carluccios and Ed’s Diners.

“We know how everyone is feeling the effects of inflation, which is why we are so determined to provide the best value for our customers. We’ve been able to run more investments to reduce food prices financed by our comprehensive cost savings plan, ”Roberts said.

Rees-Mogg UK ports consider legal action after delaying Brexit control

After confirming that post-Brexit import checks would be delayed for a fourth time, some of Britain’s largest seaports are considering legal action against the government to recover the cost of building border control posts that they fear will never be used.

Physical testing of fresh food and plants from the EU was scheduled to begin in July but was postponed to the end of 2023, Brexit Opportunity Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg confirmed in a written statement issued Thursday. Instead, he announced plans to digitize all checks and papers at the border, including a new strategy published in the fall.

The decision not to implement the regulation means that Britain will continue to rely on the EU to effectively monitor food and plant security. Food producers say they are being put at a disadvantage compared to European competitors who will have fewer red ribbons to deal with.

The British Ports Association (BPA), a lobby group for the industry, said it was concerned the expensive border post, subsidized by taxpayers with around 200 200 million, might never be used. The group said its members would seek permission to bulldoze new buildings if the government confirmed it was.

BPA chief executive Richard Ballantine said the ports rushed to prepare the infrastructure in a timely manner: “This announcement is a major policy change, meaning that benefits will effectively turn white elephants, wasting millions of pounds of public and private funds.”

Ports have already begun hiring personnel to prepare for additional post-Brexit checks. Meanwhile, the government has spent public money to build internal border control facilities where there is not enough space for infrastructure along the coast.

Although the EU introduced checks on goods from the UK shortly after Brexit, ministers are now aiming for a new border control system by the end of 2023, three years after the end of the Brexit transition period. Checks on meat were scheduled to begin on July 1 and dairy on September 1, with all remaining products, including fish and compound foods, subject to checks from November 1. A date for the control of living creatures has not yet been agreed.

During a tour of Eurotunnel’s Folkestone facilities on Thursday, Rees-Mug admitted that money had been spent on facilities that may no longer be needed.

“I acknowledge that some money was spent on preparations for July 1, which will no longer be required, but the ports will benefit, as they say in the Eurotunnel, due to the ease of flow,” he told the Guardian.

Rees-Mug said the move could save British businesses “up to bn 1bn in annual costs”, although all post-Brexit paperwork and checks already in place would remain in place. He said it would be wrong to impose new checks now during the crisis of life, as it could push up food prices further.

The Eurotunnel operator, which handles a quarter of all trade between the United Kingdom and the European Union, welcomed the announcement.

“We had to check for more credentials, more announcements and we could not board trucks that did not have the proper paperwork to carry the goods,” said John Keefe, director of public affairs at Getlink.

However, the National Farmers’ Union called the move “unacceptable” and said it was another blow to British food producers as they struggled with rising costs.

“This is a question of fairness,” said Minette Batters, president of the NFU, calling import controls “important for the country’s biosecurity, animal health and food security.”

“Our producers have to meet stringent restrictions on exporting their own products abroad, although they continue to face competitive advantage over our EU competitors, who are still enjoying an extended grace period that gives them access to valuable UK markets at a relatively low cost and burden. Free, ”he said. “Without them we really put ourselves at risk.”

Understanding the causes of low libido in women and their treatment


The Internet is full of all kinds of advertisements for Potenzmetal fer Fruen and Potenzmetal Kaufen. These supplements are marketed as a ready solution for low libido in women. And you can’t blame these creators for trying to help. Research shows that the problem is more prevalent among women, affecting one in four women who are at the top of their sex lives. However, most of these ads only pitch for over-the-counter medications that come with dangerous side effects. If you’ve been in the trap, you’ve probably noticed that the so-called diet pills don’t deliver on their promise. And although we have nothing against good Natürliche potenzmittel, we strongly recommend that you see a health professional first. More importantly, you may want to ask about common causes of marital distress and some ways to fix them. You should try to find a solution only when these fail.

Personal issues

Sometimes, your lack of interest in bed can be the result of personal problems and not associated with treatment. If so, you can usually fix your problem without using Natürliche potenzmittel.

If you suffer from chronic stress, it can negatively affect your sexual ability very well. Stress is caused by problems such as family problems, relationship stress and financial problems. If you realize that stress is not getting you out of bed, you may be better off reducing stress than using a potenzmittel für frauen. And while they are better than over-the-counter pills, over-reliance on them can lead to over-reliance. Discuss these issues openly with your partner, and it will be good for your communication channels. Another suggestion is to talk to a sex therapist. These techniques can give you better results than using over-the-counter medications.

And although anti-stress drugs can also help restore your libido, it is only a temporary solution to the problem. In addition, the method is inconvenient in two ways. First, relying too heavily on Xanax, for example, is not a smart move because it does not treat the underlying problem behind your low sex drive. Another thing is that these anti-stress drugs can make your libido problems worse.

Diseases, lifestyles, and medications

Other things that can cause low libido in women include lifestyle diseases, illnesses and the medications you take to treat this condition.

Any condition that can make you sleep a lot, lose energy or make you tired can negatively affect your sexual drive. Anemia is one of the leading causes of low libido in women, but also diseases such as fibromyalgia, obesity, an uncompromising immune system, and diabetes.

Diabetes can damage your body’s vascular system. The net effect is that the blood flow to your genitals is reduced. Patients with high blood pressure may also experience poor performance in these vital areas.

Kidney disease, hypothyroidism, stroke, HIV and sleep apnea also contribute to a decrease in arousal in women.

Antidepressants can also affect your libido, and so if you are currently using these medications, they can cause problems for you. One of the major problems with the use of antidepressants is low libido. SSRIs, which stand for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as Prozac, Paxil and Lexapro, also contribute to lower libido in women.

The use of steroids, blood pressure and heart medications and medications for anti-anxiety, for example, Xanax, may also contribute to libido reduction.

If you are diagnosed in the above case, you do not want to rush to use potenzmittel caffeine. The best way to deal with this is to work with your doctor so that you are given a variety of medications that do not cause further problems.

A woman’s lifestyle problems can also cause a decrease in libido. These include smoking, drug and substance abuse, and excessive drinking. Even if you get the best potenzemital freon, it won’t help you if your troubles are due to lifestyle problems. Rather, the best course of action is to identify behaviors that trigger poor performance in bed. Stop using alcohol, alcohol and drugs.

Hormonal problems

Women deal with hormonal issues every month. For them, it provides a constant reminder about the effects of sex hormones on the body during menstruation. Women experience various problems at different stages of their menstrual cycle such as cramps, PMS, sore breasts and back pain. These problems are caused by the fluctuations in the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body.

Also, women experience high libido only before ovulation. Because progesterone levels are higher at this time, libido increases. The opposite is true. When estrogen levels are low, it leads to low libido. This explains why gynecologists and endocrinologists who treat women with low libido often find estrogen deficiency to be the main cause of the problem.

Also, during pregnancy, estrogen levels continue to rise, which explains why most women’s libido increases during these months. However, it decreases as soon as you give birth and start breastfeeding. At the same time, as you approach menopause, your body begins to produce less estrogen. This is why post-menopausal women experience decreased libido.


Although the above are common causes of low libido in women, they are not entirely responsible for this condition. Sometimes, your problem can be caused by problems with the pituitary gland, ovaries or even other parts of the human endocrine system. Weak libido in women can also be caused by eating disorders, excessive exercise and kidney disease. If you want to give your sex life a new lease of life, the best way is to treat the underlying causes.

But that doesn’t mean using natural sex enhancers is a bad thing. The fact of the matter is that there are some natural ways to reverse the problem. Rather, we mean that you cannot completely cure your problem without knowing the cause. If you suffer from low libido, we recommend talking to your doctor about the causes mentioned in the article. Other than that, even using the best potenzmittel für frauen won’t help you.

The Battle of Donbass is critical for Russia, the British Ministry of Defense has said


KYIV – “The Battle of Donbass” remains Russia’s main strategic focus in Ukraine, Britain’s defense ministry said on Friday, but suffered significant losses due to limited regional gains.

Russia withdrew its forces from outside Kiev last month after failing to capture the capital in the early stages of its February 24 offensive, and launched a major offensive in the eastern Donbass region of Ukraine.

Britain’s defense ministry says Moscow considers winning the “battle for Donbass” important if it is to achieve its stated goal of securing control over Donetsk and Luhansk territories.

The ministry said on Twitter that “fighting around Lysichansk and Severodonetsk has intensified, especially as attempts have been made to move south from Izim to Sloviansk.”

Due to strong Ukrainian resistance, Russian regional gains have been achieved at limited and significant costs, the ministry added in regular bulletins. Reuters could not immediately be reached for comment.

There have been some horrific wars and bombings in southern and eastern Ukraine, where the southern port of Mariupol has been under siege and in ruins for months. Its remaining inhabitants and Ukrainian forces are hiding underground in the work of Azvestal Steel.

The capture of Mariupol would link the pro-Russian separatist region to the Crimea region, which Moscow annexed in 2014.

Mariupol City Council said about 100,000 city dwellers were “at risk of death” due to Russia’s shelling and unhealthy conditions. It said the lack of drinking water and food was “catastrophic.”

An adviser to Ukraine’s president said this week that Russia was hitting the Azovstal steel plant with bunker-buster bombs. Reuters could not be reached for comment.

Ukrainian commanders in Azovstal have vowed not to surrender.

Ukraine’s General Staff said on Friday that Russia was shelling Ukraine’s positions along the southern and eastern communication lines to prevent them from reorganizing. It says the ajustal has been cut.

KYIV is still unprotected

Two Russian missiles hit Kiev during the UN chief’s visit on Thursday, Ukrainian officials said, raising concerns that the capital remained unprotected.

“The explosions prove that we should not be cautious,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Let’s not think that the war is over. ”

The earlier Moscow attack on Thursday drew new US pledges of military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Focusing on Ukraine’s repeated requests for heavy weapons, U.S. President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., asked Congress for $ 33 billion to support Kiev, a huge jump in funding for more than $ 20 billion in arms, ammunition and other military aid.

“We need this bill to support Ukraine in its fight for independence,” Biden said. “The cost of this fight – it’s not cheap – but going to aggression is going to be more expensive.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called Moscow’s move a “special military operation” to disarm Ukraine, protect Russian-speaking people from oppression and prevent the United States from using the country to threaten Russia.

Ukraine has rejected Mr Putin’s claims of repression, saying it was fighting an imperialist-style occupation of land that flattened Ukrainian cities, forced more than 5 million people to flee abroad and killed thousands since the February 24 attacks began.

Washington, which has imposed extensive sanctions on Moscow along with its allies, hopes that Ukrainian forces will not only be able to repel a former Russian attack but also weaken its military so that they no longer threaten their neighbors.

Russia sees NATO’s move as the equivalent of waging a “proxy war” against it and has made several threats this week for indefinite retaliation.

Identifying Moscow’s toughest response to Western economic sanctions, they cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria on Wednesday after refusing to pay the ruble.

Russia has reported that it has carried out a series of Ukrainian attacks in the Russian territories bordering Ukraine, and warns that such attacks pose a significant increase in risk.

Ukraine has not directly claimed responsibility for the attack inside Russia, but has said the incidents were retaliatory. Russia is outraged by a statement from NATO member Britain that it is legal for Ukraine to target Russian supplies.

Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters in Moscow that “in the West, they are openly calling on Kiev to attack Russia, including the use of weapons obtained from NATO countries.”

“I’m not advising you to test our patience any further.”

The U.S. mission at the OSCE Security Agency says the Kremlin could try to hold “Syrian referendums” in the occupied south and east since the February 24 attack, using “a well-worn playbook that steals from dark chapters of history.”

“This false, illegitimate referendum will undoubtedly be accompanied by a wave of abuse against those who oppose or undermine Moscow’s plan,” the US mission said. Russia did not immediately return calls seeking comment. – Natalia Genetes / Reuters

Knowing your rights as an immigrant to Australia

Australia is a multicultural country where people from all over the world come to live, work and study. If you are an immigrant to Australia, it is important to know your rights. The Australian Government has enacted various laws and policies to protect the rights of all residents, including immigrants.

It is important to know your rights to ensure you are treated fairly and that you can fully participate in Australian society. Immigrants are an integral part of Australia’s social and economic structure, and have the same rights as all other residents.

However, there is a lot of misinformation about the rights of immigrants and this can lead to discrimination and exploitation. This is why it is so important to know your rights when you immigrate to Australia

If you are an immigrant to Australia, it is important to find a migration lawyer. Migration lawyers can familiarize you with the Australian migration system and provide you with advice and guidance on available options.

In addition, they can help you navigate the application process, ensuring you have the best chance of success. In addition, a migration lawyer can help you understand your rights and obligations under Australian law and, if necessary, represent you in court.

In the meantime, here are the important rights you need to know as an immigrant to Australia

You have the right to work in Australia

This means that the Australian Government is committed to ensuring that everyone has the right to work within its jurisdiction, regardless of their nationality. In addition, the Australian Constitution grants freedom of movement and residence within the country. This includes the right to work, as well as the right to move freely throughout the country.

Finally, Australia is a member of the International Labor Organization, which is dedicated to promoting decent work for all. For example, Australia is bound by the ILO Convention on Migration for Employment, which guarantees the right to work for all immigrants.

You have the right to own the property

This right is protected by law, and it cannot be taken away from you. You can buy, sell or lease property just like any other Australian citizen. If you rent property, your landlord cannot evict you without a court order.

You also have the right to live in public housing if you meet the eligibility requirements. Property ownership gives you security and stability and can be a good investment. It can help you take root and feel more connected to your community.

To access government services such as education and health care

Immigrants often face language barriers and discrimination when trying to access these services. However, they have the same right to education and health care as other Australians.

The government is committed to ensuring that all residents have equal access to these essential services. To ensure this, the government provides assistance to immigrants through programs such as English classes and interpreter services. In addition, the government has developed policies and procedures to prevent discrimination against immigrants.

The right to a fair trial

This right is guaranteed by the Australian Constitution, as well as by a number of international treaties signing Australia. When an immigrant is convicted of a crime, they are entitled to have their case heard in an independent and impartial court.

They are entitled to a fair and public hearing and to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. In addition, they have the right to legal representation and cross-examination of witnesses. If they are found guilty, they have the right to appeal against the sentence. These rights apply to all immigrants, regardless of their nationality or immigration status.

The right to freedom of speech and assembly

This right is enshrined in the Constitution and applies to all Australians, regardless of their background or beliefs. This ensures that everyone has a voice and they can express their opinions freely without fear of harassment or discrimination.

This means they can express their opinions freely without fear of reprisals. This means they can come together peacefully to protest or campaign for change. Of course, these rights come with responsibilities – everyone has a duty to respect the rights of others and uphold the rule of law. But as long as immigrants maintain these responsibilities, they will have the right to freedom of speech and assembly in Australia.

The right to equality before the law

All immigrants have the right to access these basic protections and no one should be deprived of these rights just because of their origin. By upholding the principle of equality before the law, Australia reaffirms its commitment to human rights and ensures that all residents can live with dignity and security.

Email Authentication: A mini-guide you can bookmark

Trust is the biggest success for email marketing because it is the only sought after digital marketing that reaches 4.258 billion people every day. Unlike other forms of marketing, email marketers have the privilege of obtaining user consent to send marketing messages, and users expect such messages. Having said that, email authentication is a fundamental part of email marketing that each of us should know in detail. New marketers in particular focus heavily on custom email templates and email workflow automation, but these important areas often lack proper attention. This is a mini-guide that you can bookmark as a novice to learn about email authentication or turn off your skills if you are a master of the craft. Let’s get started:

Basics: What is Email Authentication?

To understand the concept of email authentication, you first need to understand a basic aspect of POV from inbox providers. All mailbox providers only want to show messages from trusted marketers who they believe are not going to scam users and are sending the requested messages in nature. As a first line of defense, you need to provide some kind of validation marker and that’s where email authentication comes into the picture. Simply put, this is a verification of your online identity in terms of your IP address and the sender’s reputation. Depending on your authentication status, your message is sent to the initial tab of the receipt inbox or to their spam folder.

Why email authentication is so important

If a significant number of your messages land in your customers’ spam folders, you may experience a decrease in your email delivery rate. This is because mailbox providers begin to treat you as a suspicious sender, and in order to protect their users, your messages will be marked as spam. This can be a huge blow to your email marketing efforts because not only will you miss out on reaching your customers, but in the end, your entire mailing list will start to get worse.

How to authenticate your email

Despite the high importance of email authentication, it’s not rocket science – in fact, it’s very simple. All you have to do is register yourself in a few records to verify your identity as a sender and secure your email marketing efforts.

Although there are multiple authentication methods, we will focus on the three most important ones to help make the process easier for you. Let’s get started:

SPF – Sender Policy Framework

SPF is a simple TXT file where the owner specifies a list of authorized IP addresses to send email from their domain. When your message is sent, a server runs a DNS lookup of the return-path address or the address of the sender of the envelope for record matches the authorized addresses. This is a bare minimum because most email marketers follow SPF without fail, making it an industry standard.

DKIM – DomainKeys Identified Mail

Simply put, DKIM is a digital signature, a public key added to your DNS, which is encoded at the moment you send the message and is decoded just before it arrives in your customers’ inbox. Its content includes hashed details such as the body of the email and its header, and once you open the email, the hash is re-created to confirm the authenticity of the message.

DMARC – Domain-based message authentication, reporting and confirmation

To enable DMARC, you must first complete SKF or DKIM authentication, or specifically both. It serves as an additional layer of authentication that focuses on domain alignment in a “relaxed” or “rigid” format. You can choose the part of your messages that go through this test because they give you forensic insights into the deliverability of your messages.

BIMI – Brand indicator for message identification

This is a rather new authentic setting standard that sits on top of your DMARC authentication. While this may not be considered necessary or mandatory, it does help you increase your email opening rate and overall loyalty.

For BIMI authentication, you need to create a BIMI logo that is no larger than 32kb in size and save it as an SVG file. Next, you must create a BIMI DNS record and publish it to the DNS of your transmitting domain.

Authentication of your IP address on their respective websites helps you ensure the delivery of your messages and your email marketing does not suffer any stagnation for the same reason.

Reverse DNS Lookup is another authentication method that you can explore, but the four email authentication methods mentioned above are essential for any email marketing. As discussed earlier, they play an important role in ensuring your long term best interests in email marketing.

That being said, it should be noted that SPF and DKIM are the minimum requirements for email marketers, but they can be opted for BIMI, reverse DNS lookup and DMARC because they do not have a wide acceptance ratio. However, this should not be confused with the lack of facilities, as they certainly add to the ability of your emails to perform well.

Let’s finish

Throughout the article, we have focused on the basics, requirements, and the process of email authentication, but one more thing needs to be mentioned. Much like SEO, for email marketing you need to have general knowledge at work. Using custom email templates or mastering multilevel nested workflows – doing all the little things right. I hope this mini-guide will help you understand email authentication to enhance your future endeavors.

Author: Kevin George is head of marketing at Email Appeller, which specializes in creating professional email templates, email conversions from PSD, and Melchimp templates. Kevin loved gadgets, bikes and jazz and he took a breath at email marketing. She enjoys sharing her insights and thoughts on the best practices of email marketing on her email marketing blog.

How To Build A Successful Brand

It may not be understood by everyone, but building a successful business and building a successful brand is not one thing. You can have one without the other, but there is no doubt that if you can get your branding right then you are much more likely to do well.

Whether you drive a food truck in West Hollywood or own a legal betting company in Wisconsin, making sure your branding is absolutely right should be very high on your priority list. It actually has a lot of misconceptions Brand, So here are five tips to help you succeed.

Create brand awareness

Or, in other words, get your name out there. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. You will realize that you are successful when people start talking about your work. It can come from many sources – but that’s how your business will be known.

An obviously well-designed – and easy to read – logo can be included to create awareness about your brand, but there is more to it than that. Your logo will only be noticed by you in the first place. More important is raising awareness about what the logo means.

Develop company culture

We want to say this when we talk about a brand. If you start from a place you want to be like your company – and be known for it – then you already have a good start in terms of what your brand awareness will be like. Decide how you will run your business and get out of there.

Every decision taken should come from a clearly defined culture that you want your business to have. All new employees should be fully proficient in this culture and be recruited on the strengths they show during the interview. Onboarding should then be another step towards using your company culture.

Be steadfast

Like all our tips for a successful brand, having consistent links with developing a company’s culture and building brand awareness. All communication with your business and with the outside world should come from the same place, so that people can immediately recognize that it is you.

If you are unable to hire copywriters and designers full time, you need to make sure that the same freelancer is used for each job. That way, you’ll know that the brand you’re trying to reach is coming in the most consistent way.

Connect with your potential customers

It starts with identifying your potential customers first. You should have a very good reason why you need your product or service – and once you know that you will be able to communicate with those people and explain exactly why they need your business in life.

By communicating and talking to potential customers and consumers, you will build confidence in your brand which can then lead to bigger things. Together with everything else we are highlighting here; Interaction is the key to building a brand.

Forget the budget

Your CFO may not thank us for this tip – but we don’t want to forget about the budget and be irresponsible about your finances. What we’re saying is, don’t assume you can’t do certain things because your budget may be lower than your competitors.

It could be that you are just starting out and need to attract business to make the money needed for a big budget. It doesn’t matter because you’re selling yourself – and there are plenty of resources to help you build your brand Big budgets will come down the line later – but you don’t need them to get started on your path to success.

Apple sees big supply problems after a strong start to the year

Apple Inc.

AUCKLAND, California – Apple Inc. predicted bigger problems Thursday as coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) lockdown slows production and demand in China, the war in Ukraine slows sales and growth services, which iPhone makers see as an engine for expansion.

Shares fell 2.2% in late trading after executives revealed their glam outlook in a conference call. The news surpassed Apple’s second-quarter financial profit and sales, which ended in March.

Chief Financial Officer Luka Maestri warned in an interview that the war in Ukraine, which led Apple to cut sales in Russia, would further deepen sales in the third quarter of the fiscal year.

He told analysts in the call that supply-chain problems would hurt sales from 4 4 billion to 8 8 billion in the quarter, which is “large enough” to hurt the second quarter.

He added that the supply problem in a corridor in Shanghai, China was the focus and reflected the Covid barrier and chip deficit. The epidemic is also affecting China’s demand, he said.

Tim Cook, chief executive officer, said that almost all Chinese factories for final assembly of Apple products had reopened after the recent Covid shutdown, but the company did not predict when the chip shortage, affecting most older products, would end.

Mr Cook said he hoped Covid’s problems would be “transient” and “get better over time.”

At least one analyst says there is a lack of clarity of perspective.

“We were all looking for better directions about what was really going on there (China) … and it didn’t come out,” said Louis Navalier, chief investment officer at Naviliar & Associates.

Kim Kaehi Forrest, chief investment officer at Bokeh Capital Partners, said ongoing demand remained a big question mark despite the management of Apple’s supply chain in the March quarter.

Indeed, other high-profile technology companies have also expressed concern. On Thursday Amazon posted a disappointing outlook as it was watered down by high costs, sent its shares down 9% after closing and Intel Corporation forecast a dark quarter based on supply chain issues and its stock fell 4%.

Both companies, along with Apple, are part of the larger Nasdaq index, which has fallen nearly 19% this year as rising inflation drives investors elsewhere.

March quarter power

Apple’s overall financial second-quarter revenue was $ 97.3 billion, up 8.6% from last year and analysts’ average estimate of $ 93.89 billion, according to refinitive data, according to refinitive data.

Global phone sales revenue was $ 50.6 billion, up 5.5% from a year earlier, and service sales rose 17% to $ 19.8 billion, both before analysts’ average forecasts.

However, Mr Maestri said service growth would slow from the March quarter, although it would remain in double digits. He cited a number of factors, including a more unfavorable currency exchange rate.

Total profits were $ 25 billion, or $ 1.52 per share and easily above analysts’ expectations of $ 23.2 billion and $ 1.43.

Apple also raised its dividend by 5% to 23 0.23 per share and the board approved a buyback for 90 90 billion worth of shares.

As the war in Ukraine and other factors drive the cost of oil, food and other key ingredients, investors are concerned about reducing consumer spending on technology gadgets and services.

Mr Cook closed the question with an analyst on inflation and consumers.

“It simply came to our notice then. But at the moment, our main focus is, to put it bluntly, on supply, “he said.

Asked about rising inflation, Mr Mayestri said demand, especially for the iPhone, exceeded the company’s expectations at the start of the quarter. However, he noted that inflation is affecting spending.

The epidemic has benefited other businesses, including the transfer of hybrid jobs.

Apple said sales of the iPad fell 2% to 7.65 billion due to supply-chain constraints, while revenue from Mac computers, which also experienced supply-chain problems, rose 14.7% to $ 10.4 billion.

Sales of wearables, home speakers and accessories rose 12% to $ 8.8 billion, and Wall Street was the only unit to miss the target. Mr Mayestri said watches and airpods sold well, and demand for other accessories was blamed for missing out on seasonal variability.

Apple said it now has 825 million subscribers across at least seven subscription offers, up from 40 million in the previous quarter of 785 million. Its growth as a competitor to Netflix Inc. reports a loss of customers. – Paresh Dave and Nivedita Balu / Reuters

Top 9 Ways to Gain More Customers as a Business

Running a business is already difficult, let alone constantly increasing the number of customers. In order to gain more customers, a business needs to understand the needs and wants of the customers. In this way, they can ensure that they are creating products and services that the market will need.

We can’t rely on our gut feelings for this. Our goal is to research visitors and look at their needs so that we can create a product or service that suits their lifestyle.

The main goal of any business is growth. It takes a lot of hard work to do this and it is not always easy. In this article, we will discuss how you can improve your business and get more customers.

Here are 9 ways to gain more customers as a business:

1. To be authentic

We see trends come and go, but the truth is needed to stay here. Audiences and customers want to see the authenticity of the business they work with. Brands need to not only disclose their value but also show it to the audience.

Providing informative and insightful content to listeners and customers in the form of articles and videos will help them feel more meaningful interaction with your business. Maintaining this quality service will make it easier for you to benefit and satisfy your customers.

2. Customer referrals

The best source for new customers is your existing customer base. They are already familiar with your brand and should have a positive idea, so create a natural referral source for them.

All you have to do (assuming you already take good care of your customers) is politely ask them for a referral that they know may benefit from your products or services.

When you can offer an incentive / loyalty program, the happiest customers should be willing to refer you without incentive. The biggest challenge in achieving this goal is to make your customers happy.

3. Find out what customers need

It is not surprising that when it comes to running a business, customer demand comes first. Finding out what your customers need and providing them with solutions is the fastest way to ensure more customer satisfaction and retain old customers.

According to Kyle Patel, CEO of BitLux, they know that their customers are really concerned about their privacy and how they want to benefit from anonymous payments. So, they did just that and started getting more customers. They have almost doubled their subscriber base in 8 months.

4. Notice the right audience

One-size-fits-all no longer works in marketing. While your current offer may sell well with Boomers or Geners, it is important to determine if your products or services resonate with young consumers. For this reason, businesses may need to adopt a multi-brand and multi-product strategy.

You need to build a service around what people want and what we want to serve. This makes it a portfolio rather than a mass brand built on a specific audience that serves all people.

5. Engage in partnership marketing

You can create joint marketing campaigns with brands that share your mission, exposing themselves to a new market. Partnership marketing produces beneficial results for both brands as you deliver high-value, unique products to customers and enhance your reputation.

It starts with choosing the right brand that works within your industry but does not sell competitive products. Since your target audience will be the same, you will get and retain many customers through partnerships.

6. To make customers feel special

Finding customers is easy. If you’re at the point of marketing, you’ll catch the eyeball. But the real deal is they are sure to come back! We all have return customers with whom we want to be involved and retain. The easiest way to turn them into loyal customers is to make them feel special. This means launching a loyalty program or sending an exclusive email with a small gift. We often send a special edition newsletter to our loyal customers. This could make them come back and even spread the word about your business to their peers.

7. Maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keywords or phrases are entered into a search engine to find a specific topic or answer a question. Web browsers are designed to search for specific keywords or phrases in websites or articles and to show the results to the user as soon as possible.

Effective search engine optimization can not only position a company at the top of search engine results but can also be used to more effectively segment and target customers..

Even though keywords and phrases are important, businesses must create engaging content that is useful to their customers.

8. Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining a good reputation for customer satisfaction will ensure rapid growth of your business. Wiringo’s Abby Hao puts it simply, “If your customers think they’re getting the best service from you, they’ll spread the word and more people will be interested in doing business with your company.” Also, your existing customers will stay with you for a long time.

It is part of the business ethic to ensure that you provide quality products and services to customers. Existing customers will help you get more customers through referrals. In addition, they will give you good reviews online, and anyone looking for new products in your industry can get the reassurance they need.

9. Through the establishment of authority

PR is a great way to gain more customers and retain them in the long run. When your company name is mentioned in reputable outlets or you are interviewed in a podcast or an article, it brings more awareness for your brand and builds the authority you need so that potential customers feel more confident about your brand.

Also, it will strengthen your authority over existing customers, which will help them stay with you longer. When PR highlights the human side of your brand or the things your brand does to give back, it can help you gain the “like” part of the “know, like and believe” needed to transform a customer.

In conclusion, if you follow the above mentioned points and pay 100% of your efforts, your business will start to improve. You may not see instant results, but of course you will see happier customers who want to do business with you.

IT outsourcing for business – good and bad

When you are outsourcing your business IT project, you need to make sure that you can effectively communicate with your outsourcing team. While communication is easier than ever, you need to communicate effectively with your team via phone, email, chat rooms, and web-based messaging tools. Although you may not be physically present in the same office, you should always consider this project as your own. This means monitoring changes and reviewing distributors regularly.

The general difficulty of outsourcing

While there are many advantages to IT outsourcing, there are many disadvantages to considering your business’s IT needs before outsourcing. Outsourcing involves the transfer of management control to a third party whose skills may be limited to your specific industry. As a result, it is possible that your IT may already be out of date before realizing ROI. Despite these disadvantages, IT outsourcing can provide significant savings for businesses, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

One of the major disadvantages of outsourcing for business is the risk of linking your business to another company’s financial well-being. Despite due diligence, it is impossible to predict the financial performance of an outsourcing company, so spelling out the terms of your contract should be sure as if you were hiring a contractor. If they fail to meet these conditions, you may incur a financial injury. If you do not deliver on what you promised, you could endanger your reputation.

Loss of knowledge and control

Most senior managers do not share the first two concerns and do not have a plan to overcome the problem of losing consciousness. Instead, they focus on the importance of effective IT maintenance and how it affects business performance. And despite the growing number of outsourcing projects, most executives do not share a third concern. For this reason, it is important for businesses to develop a comprehensive strategy for retaining key employees when outsourcing IT.

During the outsourcing process, the company loses identifiable knowledge of its business processes, including how employees should solve problems. It loses its ‘feel’ for IT systems, which it relies on for problem solving. Knowledge management is also difficult when knowledge is transferred out of the organization, especially when several vendors are involved. The following table summarizes some common problems and actions.


IT outsourcing for business, whether offshore or offshore, is becoming a popular trend in the corporate world. It helps businesses avoid costs related to hiring new employees, foreign tax policy and cultural differences, as well as investing in the local economy. It is important to remember that onshoring costs more than offshoring or nearshoring. This article outlines both sides of the outsourcing debate. Read on to learn about the benefits of offshore TAG IT outsourcing for your business.

In addition to saving costs, onshoring offers many more benefits, such as better quality. For example, San Francisco-based companies may require SharePoint support from a team of professionals, but costs are prohibited. Instead of hiring a local provider, they can outsource their work to a partner in a small town. This approach is ideal for innovative projects, as it allows the onshoring business owner to maintain control over the entire process and eliminates the hassles associated with offshoring and nearshoring.

Nearshoring vs. Offshoring

There are some differences between offshoring and nearshoring in IT outsourcing for business. Offshoring has access to a large pool of skilled workers around the world. Offshoring usually means lower costs. This facility is particularly attractive in the IT industry, where offshore teams can work on projects at low cost. Nearshoring has many advantages, but each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Nearshoring, on the other hand, allows companies to maintain more control over their projects and lower costs. The process is also less prone to damage and less risky. Many small and medium-sized businesses are turning to Nearshoring for their IT outsourcing needs. However, there are some important differences between nearshoring and offshoring. For example, Nearshoring may be good for companies that want to keep their IT operations at home but their offshore employees need to work on their own time. In addition, Nearshoring is not always as secure as offshoring and it is not possible to move the whole project to another country.